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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision. or Bitcoin Laboratory Limited (known shortly as Btc Lab) is a place for mining bitcoin profitably. It is a company under the regulations of the Companies House, Cardiff which issued it a certificate of incorporation with the number 10451743 in October 2016. The certificate of incorporation indicates the fact that Btc lab has what it takes to continue in its business and to make more customers take profit from their idle funds. Payment Status: SCAM Review
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STATUS: SCAM! Do Not Invest! Summary

  • Plans: Gain 3.6% daily. Instant Withdrawals.
  • Mode of Payment: Bitcoin
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Sending is a profit organization for all and sundry since anyone across the globe is free to participate and benefit from the company’s goals. Bitcoin Lab Ltd is indeed tested and trusted because they have never failed their clients since their establishment. Instead, many of them have showered encomiums on the management and the technical team who handle most of the mining operations. Obviously, one can say that the technical team at Btc lab is one of the best and can guarantee steady flow of profits.

You can meet the technical team at the company office at 20 Primose Street London, EC2A 2EW. They also have functional telephone number and email address for anyone to reach them if coming to the address is inconvenient. also offers debit card services. In case you have been finding it difficult to get one from your bank, you can simply reach out to the customer support via email or a phone call and your order will be processed immediately.


Overview of

If all websites were like, people would love to spend more time on the internet for several purposes. To start with, is fast to open on any reliable internet compatible device.  There are lots of features available on the website pages to make every first timer understand the real intention and purpose of the company. For example, there are videos to watch and a box to begin a live chat with an online representative.

The website has adequate information about the plans and their interest rates.  The site is also composed of an FAQ page where most investor related questions are addressed. If you want to monitor the payments made by btc lab to its investors, you can do so by clicking the link described as “latest payouts”. You will be directed to a page showing members that just earned their money as well as the bitcoin address that was used to receive the payment. Investors can calculate how much they should earn after a certain period with the profit calculator on the website.

To further keep in touch with, you can choose to follow them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The links to these networks are all available on the website. In case you have received much already that you now intend to sell some of your bitcoins, the link for “buy and sell bitcoins” should also help you achieve this task. This prevents the chance of being swindled by fake currency exchangers. However, his should be a second option for those who do not have the btc lab debit card.


Benefits of

Much Profit

At Bitcoin Laboratory Limited, investors take home their profits every hour. This does not depend on how much you deposit so the more you spend, the more profit you are going to get. BTC Lab Ltd pays 0.15% of the investor’s deposit every hour. This means 3.6% daily and 25.2% weekly.


Profits are also earned during weekends and public holidays. They have actually adopted an automated system that keeps assigning profits to all active accounts regardless of the time and day of the week.

All accounts are eligible for a lifetime accumulation of profits. However, if you wish to terminate your account at any time, you are free to do so but a fee of 5% on your initial deposit will be required. This is not much compared to the benefits one may have already acquired in the system.


Low Minimum Investment

You can start with as little as 0.001 BTC on BTC Lab. Bitcoin Lab has brought the amount so low because they want everyone to enjoy from their latest technology in bitcoin mining. Who knows, the minimum investment might be raised by the time the demand for joining the company becomes high. This is why it is necessary for you to give it a quick response now that there is still an opportunity and the company is just in its nascent stage.


Easy-to-use mining platform

The mining platform for investors is quite easy to use. The deposit and withdrawal features are very simple and almost anyone should be able to use them. With just a few clicks, every registered investor can also benefit as if they actually own some mining equipment.


Low Withdrawal Amount

It is possible to withdraw every hour if that’s what you wish. BTC lab has set the withdrawal balance at 0.0001 bitcoin so that investors can have a reason to smile every hour. You can withdraw 24 times per day or plough back the profit into your account to start receiving higher returns.


Affiliate and Representative Programs

Bitcoin Lab presents two kinds of referral reward program. The first is the regular affiliate system while the second is the representative program. The regular one pays 5% to all members who are able to convince a friend and make him or her invest in btc lab through their affiliate links or banners. This type can be done by anyone and requires no special approval. On the other hand, an approval is required for individuals who want to become representatives. Bitcoin Lab has to give this approval because the work of a representative requires more than just posting referral links. Sometimes, they have to organize seminars and sensitize a large group of people. They may also have to go to banks, markets and wherever they can find a large crowd. Representatives earn 10% of what their downlines deposit. This is a better opportunity to earn very fat income. If you have ever thought about being a marketing agent for a bank in your area, then being a representative for Bitcoin Laboratory limited should be of utmost interest to you. Debit Cards

The Bitcoin Lab debit cards eliminate the stress of seeking exchange for your accumulated bitcoins. Instead of looking for who needs bitcoins, you can easily channel the funds to your debit cards and use the money on any online platform or withdraw it on any ATM machine worldwide.

Bitcoin debit cards are supported by Visa and MasterCard. They come in the owner’s name so that they cannot be easily stolen. With the MasterCard and Visa support, it is possible to use the card on the Internet to shop, pay fees and do any kind of internet transaction. The fees for maintaining the cards are low since they are considered an added benefit for all members of Bitcoin Laboratory Limited.

To get this card, one must be an active member of the mining company. If you have funds to withdraw, you are free to contact Bitcoin Lab with a request for your own debit card.



Investors are covered with the protection offered by GeoTrust. With GeoTrust security on, invested funds and accumulated profits cannot be tampered with. In addition, there is AVG antivirus and malware program running constantly on the site’s dedicated servers.



As always, invest only what you are capable of risking. We advise that you start as little as possible and keep increasing your deposit as you make progress. has a nice strategy for rewarding clients and they have never failed a single hour since they began but this doesn’t mean they are infallible. Even machines are not 100% efficient. You must take this seriously when investing on any program.


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