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With you can have a net profit of 38 bitcoins with your 0.01 btc investment.

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Imagine owning 38 bitcoins by this time next year and you get the news that one bitcoin now exchanges for $4000-$5000 just as some analysts have predicted. You know how this could change your life forever. Perhaps, the first thing you would do is to change your car, then buy a new home, or whatever. Don’t think this can only happen in your dreams as now brings you the opportunity to live your dreams and bring them to reality. is not a pure investment site. What we mean is that it is not a place where you commit your money to some people who claim to be experts in some kind of trade or skill. is actually a donation club where friends help each other. The first friend to register on the site receives before others who join subsequently. It offers no fake plan as a result, and your success depends on those who are your downlines. Overview

The site has a chart that describes how members are expected to get 38 bitcoins every year. The server time and date are another unique attributes of the website. Registration for the peer-to-peer donation can be done without any external help because it is simplified. You will be asked to enter your country and your phone so that you can keep in touch with other friends who may be from other countries or continents different from yours. has a Facebook account. If you are also on Facebook, you can follow the site anyhow you want it. You are free to comment on it, as well as read what others are saying about it. Getting to know other people’s perspectives about a service you are using makes it possible to maximize its benefits.

After registration, members can also update their Skype ID. The essence is to give your downlines more options to communicate with you. Your downlines will be able to see your email address and your Skype ID. They will also have access to your phone number, but none of these will be used as a means of spamming you because it is against’s terms of the agreement.

Other features which are not available on the site become available to you after registration. For example, as a registered member, you can reach the support team by creating a unique support ticket. The other support ticket on the website is actually made for visitors.

As soon as you register on the site, you will be given three days to upgrade your membership. To upgrade means to pay to your referrer or to the bitcoin specified in your account. Benefits

Security Available has a Comodo SSL certificate and CloudFlare’s support to ward off hackers.


No Scam Possibilities

Since money is paid straight to your bitcoin wallet, one can overrule the possibility of being scammed by the admin. It is a member to member donation so neither the admin nor any other group has an access to your money.


Instant Payments

This is not like where you will be asked to wait for 24 hours for withdrawal requests to be processed. You get your money as soon as your downline is prompted to send it.


Unique and working plan

The method for getting 38 bitcoins is unique and realizable. After upgrading (paying 0.01 BTC to an upline), you are immediately scheduled to receive payment. Five members pay you 0.01 BTC every year, making it an income of 0.05 BTC yearly. At level two, each of the five persons who paid you now has five downlines who are like your grandchildren. This means you are going to get 0.03 bitcoins from 25 members, making your profits 0.75 bitcoins. At level 3, each of the five grandchildren you got at level 2 now has five downlines each, who are also responsible for paying you. This means you will get 37.5 bitcoins coming from 125 members who will pay you 0.3 bitcoins each. This level alone makes you 37.5 bitcoins richer. Summing up the income at all three levels, you will get 0.05+0.75+37.5 bitcoin=38.3 bitcoins. Since you will also pay some commission before reaching your climax, we can say that your net profit is approximately 38 bitcoins. This can happen over and over, and even in less than a year.


Conclusion is a less stressful way of getting as much bitcoins as you want. If you have a good social networking status, you can easily get it even before the end of a year. If you like the method, you can begin now to contact your friends about it. One of the convictions you can give to them is that the fees are not much. Tell them it is actually a donation system so that they will be pleased to help you even without the intention of getting anything in return. New members have up to three days to upgrade, hence, there is more than enough time for you to get 0.01 bitcoins from your first referrals.





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