Review (SCAM) – Earn up to 1,150% with only $10 Review, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: SCAM! NOT PAYING.. Review
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Summary investment plans are 107% after 2 days, 118% after 5 days, 155% after 12 days, 320% after 24 days, 640% after 34 days and 1150% after 44 days. The minimum investment is $10 and the referral commission is 5% on first level.

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What does HYIP Monitors say about


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ACTIVE-START.BIZ is a SCAM! It’s stopped paying… provides instant access to the most trustworthy investment platform. Their vision is to invest in promising start-ups, cryptocurrencies, and alternative energy.

The journey to this level of success began three years ago when research for the best methods of investing was still being carried out. They seemed to have found the solution in the early months of 2017 when they decided to get a certificate of incorporation. Following the results obtained from testing their strategies, moved to the next stage—to help others become as successful as they are.

This internet-based arm of Start Up Active Limited came on board a few days ago on November 8. 2017. It has since then been known in many forums and blogs where people often talk about the level of success it has achieved. The company’s address is 7-9 Macon Court, Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom. The company’s license number is 09340818. Overview has what it takes to keep you glued to it. As you log in, you will find out that the text on the pages are written in English language and the words used are the everyday type, which is necessary to carry everyone one along.  However, even if you don’t understand it, you have the option of switching to the Russian language. There are 7 other country flags on the language menu but they are not working at the moment. is still a new site so it is possible that they will be activated in the long run, especially when they see that people from those countries are making demands for it.

The language menu is just one out of the numerous attractive features on the site. Another one is the server time. There are two likely reasons why the server time has been made functional. The first is to give investors an exact time for expecting their payment and the second reason could be to provide every member and visitor of the site an accurate time. Please note that the time here is in GMT. This standard was chosen because the company is based in the UK. The clock and date run with or without an internet connection after you have launched the website.

If you love the social media, then will interest you a lot. This is because is well represented on the social media as they have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. has a “Reviews” page. This is where people post their experiences with the company. Anyone is free to post reviews on the site either in text or video. Benefits

Multiple Payment Systems

To bring an active investment platform close to everyone, has tried to add several payment systems to their website. One can choose among the following: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash, Payeer, and Ethereum. You are free to stick to just one out of all these available options. Even if you have all the recommended systems, you are still free to use them in separate investment packages. You cannot invest in one payment system and withdraw from it with a different one.


Dedicated Support Staff

The support staff is there to solve both simple and complex problems. That means you are encouraged to present anything that bothers you to them. They even go to the extent of helping you to change your wallet number if you decide to have a new one. You can reach the support team by filling the support request form on the support page or by chatting via Facebook, Instagram or Telegram.


Instant Withdrawal Anytime

If there are certain days of the week you want to cash out or you always have need of money on a daily basis, is the right place to be. This is because there is no restriction to when you should withdraw or not. It is entirely up to you to make that decision as soon as you have $1 or more in your account.


No Fees will not charge you an extra cent for whatever reason. Deposits and withdrawals are commission-free so you don’t have to bother about paying extra money.


Start with $10

This is quite affordable for everyone. The reason is to give everyone an opportunity to earn residual income.


High Investment Plans pays 75% of their profits to investors. That is why they have been able to come up with these attractive investment plans:

  • Light Plan: Paying 107% after 2 days to people that deposit between $10 and $50.
  • Standart Plan: Paying 118% after 5 days. Works for $10 to $250,000.
  • Medium Plan: Paying 155% after 12 days. Works for $10 to $250,000.
  • Strong Plan: Paying 320% after 24 days. Works for $10-$250,000.
  • Premium Plan: Paying 640% after 34 days. You can do this with $10 to $250,000
  • Special Plan: Paying 1,150% after 44 days. Amounts to deposit range from $10 to $250,000.

As you can see above, apart from the Light Plan, the other plans only differ in the duration. The more you are ready to keep your money with, the more you are going to be rewarded.


Highly Rewarding Partnership Program runs two types of partnership programs. The first one is the normal type which anyone can join, while the second one is the premium type which demands certain conditions.

The Normal Partner can earn 10% in 5 levels as follows:

  • 5% in level 1
  • 2% in level 2
  • 1% in level 3
  • 1% in level 4
  • 1% in level 5

This is free for everyone to join and requires no active deposit.


The Premium Partner must, however, have a personal investment of $300 and five active partners in his/her first line. The Premium Partner can earn up to 25% commissions beginning from 8% in level 1, 3% in level 2, 2% in level 3 and 1% in levels 4-15.

You can also apply to be a representative in your area. This will also increase your earning potential.


Conclusion is a place to keep your dreams alive. Their partnership and investment plans speak volumes about their intention to better the lives of everyone. You can start this with only $10. We would recommend starting with a small amount until you are able to lose much without regrets. High yield investment programs like this are sometimes unpredictable and no one is to be blamed for that. We wish you all the best.


ACTIVE-START.BIZ is a SCAM! It’s stopped paying…




Warning – Most Hyips are usually scams, therefore we advise you to only risk what you can afford to lose.



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