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Summary offers an investment plan of 3.36% daily profit, 3.6% daily profit, 4.32% daily profit and 5.04% daily profit. The minimum investment needed is 0.01 BTC. The referral commission is 10% for every deposit your friend makes.

Added to Database: March 30, 2017
Our Investment: $100

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2.48 (21 votes) Payment Status: SCAM… NOT PAYING Status on HYIP Monitors


In HYIP, nothing seems to be constant. It appears that the best form of caution one can take is to be sure that any program of interest has a recent proof of payment and that there is at least one tangible product or service which the organizers of the project are involved in. Another thing is to look out for is its certificate of incorporation. If the company isn’t registered, it is unlikely to know where it is situated so there will be no physical address of it. Altcoiner Limited has a certificate of incorporation and its major activity is altcoins trading. This is probably where its name was coined from. As for proof of payments, you can see on various HYIP monitors that it is paying. Indeed, satisfies several conditions that make it currently fit as a genuine HYIP investment opportunity.

The company is based in Hong Kong where its team has been operating since 2013 before it decided to go online to create an investment opportunity. It is registered with the number, 2012774.


Overview of

There is a detailed FAQ section which is itself divided into different pages so that every possible question that is likely to bother any interested investor can be addressed exhaustively. With the availability of multiple languages including English, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, more investors worldwide are likely to join the project, thereby giving it a robust capital base which is needful for long life. Each web page has something unique to talk about so there is no duplication of content. has several important benefits which make it one of the most recommended among several HYIPs.


Important Benefits of

Altcoins Trading

Instead of trading Bitcoins, has decided to go for its alternatives. This provides more opportunities for investors who want to earn more on their deposits through any means as long as it is legal. believes that it is at the forefront of altcoins trading and one may be compelled to agree to this because it has a lucrative payback package that has been running efficiently since it started.



Some of the site’s security features are absent in other places. has the protection of Site Lock, Trustwave. AVG, McAfee and GeoTrust.


Compound Your Interest

This feature helps you to have more benefits on the first deposit you started with. You can set your compound rate after investment, and before you receive your first profit. Actually, you may decide to do it anytime provided you have some amount of money on your account.


Low Minimum Investment Amount

With only 0.01 BTC, you can start investing in  There is no maximum deposit amount so you can earn as much as you want to.


Realizable Interests

The interest rates available on are 3.36%, 3.6%, 4.32% and 5.04% daily. However, the profits are paid hourly so that 3.36% when divided by 24 hours of the day will give 0.14% and so on.


Earn Indefinitely

As long as your deposit remains active on, you are going to keep receiving hourly profits. There could be no better way of earning residual income than this.


Instant Payment   

You are free to withdraw your money if you don’t feel like compounding it. All withdrawal requests are processed instantly so that the investor can have his benefits in the bitcoin wallet that was used for registration before thirty minutes (as Blockchain confirmations usually require some time). The Master Card from Altcoiner can also be used to withdraw funds so you may wish to apply for one if you think it is a better option for you.


Deposit Back

Any deposit you make can be withdrawn five days after your registration. However, a small fee of 5% will be charged. If you are in dire need of money and you have no other place to run to, then encourages you to withdraw all your money so that you can solve your urgent needs.


Referral Program

The referral program at is a friendly one because it encourages others who do not have an active deposit to join. Without a deposit, people can refer others and earn just 3%. However, with an active deposit, you will earn between 6% and 10% of your friend’s deposit depending on how much you have in your account.


Own a Master Card

Investors in now have an opportunity to own an Altcoiner Master Card. Of course, you can use this card to withdraw your funds from the site and perform any kind of internet transaction that Master Card enables.


Conclusion may be the investment site that can help you attain your financial goals. It is not like those places where you are promised unrealistic profits and you even have a choice to withdraw all that you started with. You may give it a try, but please do so with an amount you are very comfortable with. It is unwise to invest something like $100 when your monthly income is less than that. Viral Alert wishes you the best with is a SCAM!

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Be Warned !!! Altcoiner has stopped payments from 1st June 2017. They are not replying to emails as well.


Paying site, promising.
Starting date: May 22nd.
9 days paying.
May 31st. Paid
7% daily forever. Min. 0.001 btc withdraw: 0.0005

There is no reason not to be present in the program.