Review - Earn Hourly and up to 4.8% Daily, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: PAYING Review
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Summary investment plans are 0.15% per hour, 0.16% per hour, 0.18% per hour and 0.2% per hour for lifetime. Principal is available after 24 hours. 7% fee is charged for principal withdrawal.

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AMBIS stands for Auto Manage Bitcoin Investment Solution. It is a business site in which the owners, as well as its clients, can benefit from each other. Ambis Investment Solution believes in the future of bitcoins, just like many others, but its strategies as seen in its investment plans further suggest that it is particular about the interests of its investors, which it considers as members of the same family.

AMBIS prides itself in its high-tech solution for bitcoin investments. It assures all investments of minimal risks since it has developed a special robot that makes trading easy and avoids making mistakes. Investors would feel safe because the robots have been tested several months before the launch of the website. Besides, a team of professional traders is always around to monitor events as they happen in the cryptocurrency market. Overview is a home for Bitcoin lovers. Apart from the fact that the site looks good, there are other interesting features about it which will make you return to it if you love to know more about bitcoins. There are links where you can read about bitcoin news on the site. Also, the exchange rates between the bitcoin and the USD, CAD and EUR are always updated there. A video about gives one a brief summary of what the company professes. It’s just a one-minute video that wouldn’t take your time.

Calculating profits is not difficult on the site either. You can calculate the profit you will have based on a specified duration, as well as what you will benefit if you compound. The maths becomes easy to solve and there can be no mistake or misunderstanding about what to expect before you start. In other words, is transparent about its investment program.

Go to anytime you want to check the time and date. The time and date correspond to what is obtainable in the UK. At the moment, the site can only be read in English Language but from what we can see, it appears that other languages will be added soon. A menu where the links to the other languages will be added has already been prepared for this.

Another section of the website that should interest you a lot is the live payments page. The page shows the latest amount paid, the wallet address that received it and the username of the wallet holder. The time and date of the transaction also appear alongside these details.

The Sign-up and sign-in links are at the left-hand side of the website pages, just below the digital clock. There are only 7 fields to fill on the registration form so being an active member should take you only a few minutes. To log in, you would have to enter your username and your password. Benefits

Get Good Profits

There are four investment packages on The investments are as follows

∙         The starter plan—0,15% per hour for investments between 0.01 and 4.99 BTC

∙         The Advanced Plan—0.16% per hour for investments between 5.00 and 19.99 BTC

∙         The Professional Plan—0.18% per hour for investment between 20.00 and 49.99 BTC

∙         The Infinite Plan—0.2% per hour for investments between 50.00 and 149.99 BTC.

The profits may not be the highest in the industry, but this assures a longer paying term. It is better to grow your funds steadily over long periods than to have it just once or twice. Remember that the payments are lasting till infinity so you have nothing to lose at all.


Principal Back Anytime returns investors’ deposits whenever they ask for it. Investors are eligible to apply for a refund anytime after 24 hours from the time of depositing. However, a 7% fee will be charged for terminating your active account.


Referral Package

Referrals have 5% anytime their friends deposit through their links. You can promote your link anywhere, including your Facebook account. You can as well make it your signature on forums that allow such.


Compounding Possible allows compounding of interest even though some investment sites do not give room for this. allows compounding from 1 to 100%. 100% compounding means all your profits are reinvested back into the system, while 50% compounding means that half is reinvested while half can be withdrawn. Investors can choose the kind of compounding they want.


Fast Support has a group of dedicated workers that make up the support team. Their job is to answer your queries and make them as detail as possible. You can submit your queries through an online ticket on the support page.


Security has a bank-level security. Account usage is only permitted after passing an authorization test.


Fast Withdrawal

Withdrawals are processed fast. The money is not paid directly to your bitcoin wallets so as to make compounding easy for whosoever needs it.


Multiple Accounts Allowed allows the creation of multiple accounts. Hence, you have no need to be worried about account freezing if you want to register your friends and members of the same family with the same IP address. The only restriction given is that accounts from the same IP should not refer themselves since they could possibly be the same person.


Conclusion is a profitable Bitcoin investment site to join if you want to earn hourly and up to 4.8% daily. Although we can strongly recommend this based on its current paying status, we are not sure if you should invest your whole savings into it because every investment site, especially the  more profitable ones, must be approached with some level of caution.




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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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