Asteroid Ltd ICO Review – Get up to 10,000% Profits of Asteroid Coins Review

Asteroid Ltd. is building a decentralized database whereby private individuals, corporations, and nation-states may register their claim on mining rights to over 600,000 identified asteroids in our near celestial orbit.

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Asteroid, Ltd. will Democratize Space through a new BlockChain mechanism called BlockClaim®. A BlockClaim® will allow any private individual, company and nation state the ability to lay claim to and share in the vast wealth within our celestial orbit.

User Rating 3.25 (4 votes) is the website for Asteroid Ltd, a company that has just launched an ICO whose presale has already begun and will end in the next 9 days. Asteroid Ltd has made available 100,000,000 ASTRcoins® for both the presale and the ICO which will last for another 4 weeks. While 10 million ASTRcoins have been reserved for the pre-sale, 90 million will be sold during the ICO.

Asteroid Ltd has something new to offer. It is democratizing the space so as to enable anyone, whether individuals, private companies or public incorporations have access to asteroids. They are working on the same principle as ICANN which oversees domain name registrations for websites. With a website name, anyone can have a website for a particular period of time, which can be extended if desired.

Because asteroids are very expensive, is making it more affordable by introducing a Blockclaim mechanism. A Blockclaim is a portion obtained from the fragmentation of an asteroid. Instead of mining a whole asteroid at a time, mining shall now start with each blockclaim until the whole asteroids are mined.

Asteroid Ltd is based in Hong Kong. The owner stays in Rm 21, unit 801-803, Core C Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Rd, Pok Fu Lam, Hong King. However, the financial auditors for the company stay at DK Mak and Associates Room 2102-3, China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Rd, Central, Hong Kong. Overview

The website has given details about what it offers. The company’s white paper is also easy to find through a link located at the top of the website. The white paper is a 43-page PDF document that further explains the company’s mission, vision and how things will unfold in the near future. However, for those who wouldn’t have the time to go through it, we have prepared a review of the company’s operations here. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Medium. The links to these social media platforms can be gotten on their website. Benefits  

What is being sold?

Blockclaims are sold. 1 Blockclaim for one Asteroid coin which will be sold for $10 during the ICO. The token (ASTR®) is based on Ethereum ERC20 and that is why the coins are purchased using Ether. After the ICO, the Astercoin will be equivalent to $1000. That means that owners of Astrcoins will be in huge profits. Only 50% of the total token supply will be available during the crowd sales. That means only 100,000,000 will be available for purchase and the tokens that may remain after the ICO will be plowed back to the company to be used in the BlockClaim® Ecosystem.


Tokens Distribution

  • 50% goes to the public (100,000,000 tokens)
  • 45% goes to the company (90,000,000 tokens)
  • 4.9% goes to the management and employees (9,800,000 tokens)
  • 0.1% goes to the maintenance of the 200,000 blockclaims (200,000 tokens)



The Asteroid Coins will be reserved as follows:

  • 9.8 million for management and employees
  • 200,000 for the maintenance of the Blockclaims held by Asteroid Ltd
  • 200,000 to be registered not later than 6 months after the ICO. The essence is to make the value of the coins appreciate to $1,000.


Uses of Funds

Asteroid Ltd hopes to use the funds generated during the ICO to acquire some technical infrastructures and legal framework for building a decentralized system for mining asteroids on a Blockchain known as BlockClaim®. Part of the monies collected shall also be used to develop the Asteroid Society Platform.



  • Pre-sale: 75% discount as 1 ETH will buy 120 Asteroid Coins
  • 1st week of ICO: 60% discount as 1 ETH will buy 75 Asteroid Coins
  • 2nd week of ICO: 45% discount as 1 ETH will buy 55 Asteroid Coins
  • 3rd week of ICO: 30% discount as 1 ETH will buy 42 Asteroid Coins
  • 4th week of ICO: 15% discount as 1 ETH will buy 35 Asteroid Coins

It is important to rush during the ICO because a fixed number has been reserved for each week. If the fixed number is exhausted before the end of the week, one would have to wait for the following week and that means that the discounts will also be reduced.

After the ICO, the coins will exchange at a value of $10 per coin. The presale period is between November 6 and November 20, 2017, while the ICO begins on December 25, 2017.



Mining asteroids has never been thought about until now, special thanks to the trillion dollar thinkers, Asteroid Ltd. Now, anyone can have asteroids and sell them for a special token known as Asteroid Coins. With only 100,000,000 available to the public, it is obvious that this is not going to be a long-lasting opportunity as some people with special interests in this may want to take much, leaving only a little to be shared by the others. Time is coming when the price of the Asteroid coins will rise. This is the reason why you should take part in the presales now and also consider expanding your investments during the ICO.




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