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Summary has an investment plan of 3% daily for 110 days, 3.5% daily for 85 days, 4% daily for 60 days, 4.5% daily for 40 days, 5% daily for 30 days, 0.8% daily for 260 days, 1.1% daily for 110 days, 1.25% daily for 85 days, 1.75% daily for 60 days and 2.75% daily for 40 days. The minimum investment is 10 USD and the referral commission is 0.5% to 17%.

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4.41 (83 votes) Payment Status: SCAM… NOT PAYING… Status on HYIP Monitors is paying so it is unjust to think of it as a scam. It has been paying for over 790 days as it was officially launched on the internet on April 30, 2015. At the moment, handles stock exchanges, forex and cryptocurrency exchanges. Combining all these money making opportunities which are being handled by professionals in their various fields can give reason to why the company has never failed since it started. is managed by Aurum Financial Group Ltd. The company is officially recognized by the Companies House which registered it in August 2016. The company operates with the license number, 10330779. The company’s registered address is 31 Southampton Row, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 5HJ. Overview looks very professional, just as if the company has no flaw. The availability of an investment calculator will ensure that investors understand the investment plan they are choosing and the gains they are likely to make.

Online chat is also enabled on the site. To chat live with an agent, go to the bottom of the page and locate the link at the right-hand side. You will be asked to introduce yourself first so that the customer representative can address you well.

The system time and date are particularly for investors who would want to track their payments. As soon as 24 hours from the time of deposit elapses, the investor’s account is automatically credited. Apart from its use as an investor’s instrument, it can also serve as a digital clock.

There are four ways to track more closely. These are by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and VK. It is needful for investors to follow on these social networking sites so that they can read comments from people who know more about the company. Already, there are several YouTube videos linked to the website about people whose financial stories have changed for the better since May 2015. You can see some of these videos on the website by clicking the links: “representatives” followed by “video testimonials.” Some of the videos can also be seen on the website’s home page. Benefits benefits are vast. Let us try to look at a few of them.


Paying since April 2015 recently marked two years of online investment solutions having been established in April 2015. In all these years, has been performing excellently, paying all its investors at the appropriate time. The company’s website has obtained maximum uptime capacity and visitors to the site enjoy a hitch-free browsing experience whenever they want to see what is happening there.


Flexible and Profitable Investment Offers

The investment offers on the site are many. The offers are basically divided into five major groups, namely: stable, classic, prestige, premium and partner. Each of these groups has five different investment plans.

For example, the stable plan has the following interest rates:

∙         3% daily for 110 days from $100

∙         3.5% daily for 85 days from $125

∙         4% daily for 60 days from $42,500

∙         4.5% daily for 40 days from $45,000

∙         5% daily for 30 days from $47,500


The Classic Plan has the following interest rates:

∙         0.8% daily for 260 days with minimum of $10

∙         1.1% daily for 110 days with minimum of $350

∙         1.25% daily for 85 days with a minimum of $50000

∙         1.75% daily for 60 days with a minimum of $55000

∙         2.75% daily for 40 days with a minimum of $60000

In the classic plans, benefits are paid only on trading days


The Prestige Plan has the following interest rates

∙         6500% after 110 days with a minimum of $125

∙         3500% after 85 days with a minimum of $150

∙         1700% after 60 days with a minimum of $47,500

∙         1100% after 40 days with a minimum of $50,000

∙         400% after 20 days with a minimum of $55,000

In the prestige plan, Saturdays and Sundays are included in the number of days.


The Premium plans are like the classic plans as they pay only on trading days. They have the following interest rates:

∙         7% daily for 110 days from $150

∙         8% daily for 85 days from $175

∙         9% daily for 60 days from $52,500

∙         10% daily for 40 days from $55,000

∙         11% daily for 30 days from $57,500

The principal is returned and profits are paid out at the end of the investment period


The Partner Plans are as follows

∙         12% daily for 20 days from $60,000

∙         14% daily for 20 days from $62,500

∙         15% daily for 15 days from $65,000

∙         16% daily for 15 days from $67,500

∙         17% daily for 15 days from $70,000


Affiliate Bonuses

All affiliates are entitled to a percentage of what their referrals deposit. However, the percentage depends on the plan which the person referred purchases. The affiliate program has a 5-level compensation plan. At the first level, affiliates can earn between 0.5% and 17%, depending on the investment plan chosen by the referral. For the level 2 benefit, affiliates will gain 2% only if they have up to 25 active level 1 referrals. To get the 1% benefit for level-3, level 1 referrals must be up to 50. There is another 1% for the 4th level, which works out when a person has up to 100 active tier 1 referrals. Another 1% bonus applies when a person has 200 active tier 1 referrals.


Representative Bonuses

Representatives are divided into three main classes: the ordinary representatives, the directors, and the presidents. These ones earn a fixed interest of 5%, 6%, and 7% respectively of their tier 1 invitees’ deposits.


Multiple Payment Systems

You can pay or withdraw in several ways. Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Visa Cards and Master Cards are all enabled for withdrawals and payments. You can use any of them or a combination, but just know that whichever one used to make a deposit for a particular plan will be used for withdrawing its benefits.


Security and Safety

To guarantee maximum safety of your funds, has implemented the following services to its website: Comodo, GeoTrust and AVG Antivirus. These services, in addition to the security features adopted by the company, will help to ensure that investors’ accounts are safe, that their personal information is kept intact and that the website is hack-proof.


Offline Cooperation

Aurum Bank is open to constructive dialogue, personal briefings, and formal negotiations. If you think you have got a special offer that can benefit both you and the company, the company’s management is keen to hear you. You can travel all the way to the office by following the address, which has been provided at the bottom of all the site’s pages.


Open Multiple Accounts

There is no problem with opening multiple accounts on This is good news because it means that members of the same family can use the same computer to open accounts for themselves. This will prevent them from looking for other investment sites which may not be as safe as


Low Withdrawal Amounts

You can withdraw small amounts from your account even before the investment period elapses. For Payeer account holders, $0.02 is the minimum one can withdraw. Advcash, Perfect Money and Bitcoin have minimum withdrawal amounts of $0.1, $0.01 and $0.05 respectively.


Compound your Interest

You can compound your interest to increase your profits if you like. This feature is recommendable if you are not in a hurry to withdraw. You can choose the percentage to plow back and also cancel it whenever you no longer want it.


Conclusion provides a sustainable investment strategy which anyone can trust. It is open to people from any country and does not waste time in making payments. Although some of its deposit plans are high, you can be sure that your money is at a minimum risk, compared to some other sites. Having stayed over two years online, it is a more convenient place for people to invest their spare funds. is a SCAM… It’s stopped paying.



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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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Jeffery McLean
Jeffery McLean

I’m at a loss for words for the HYIP Monitors that still say this site is paying after the website has gone down.

Jeffery McLean
Jeffery McLean

Site is now offline


Damn the website not working… 🙁

[email protected]
Since Sep-29, Aurum Bank is only paying CLASSIC PLANS. They have shut down their ONLINE CHAT since that date. I think you have investment in CLASSIC so showing them PAYING. But it is actually unfair and deceiving for new incoming investors. BE CAREFUL GUYS / YOU CAN CHECK MY FACTS FROM OTHER FORUMS TOO …… Just go to FAIRMONITOR.COM or YOUTUBE. Do not believe these monitors


for updating the status about AURUM-BANK as SCAM
At least, we can save new people from losing their money


2 weeks still not paying


Aurum-Bank is not paying. Fucking scam. We will send a swat team to fuck them.

NOT PAYING .. I HAVE BEEN 1 weeks from request withdraw but still pending ….