Baby Acts Strangely When Sister Blows a Bubble with Her Bubble Gum

Babies are special and people expect them to react to almost anything they see especially on their first encounter or experience. They have innocent minds with the genuine intention to understand anything that occurs strange to them. They have many things to learn and so their 24 hours of the day is always jam-packed with lots of interesting activities and brainstorming. This video shows how a baby reacts to the first bubble gum blow experience in his life.

Source: Diply

Bubbles are beautiful to behold. Bubbles appear from soap and babies will often see this when sitting beside their mums at the laundry. However, this is not the kind of bubble that has amused this baby. The baby watches her sister chew the bubble gum with great excitement and attention. As soon as the girl starts producing the bubbles, the baby’s reaction changes to something interesting. The excitement of the baby increases as the bubble grows bigger and bigger until it suddenly bursts.

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