Review (SCAM) – Paying 7% to 12% daily forever Review, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: SCAM! NOT PAYING… Review
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Summary investment plans are 7% daily forever, 9% daily forever and 12% daily forever. The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC and the referral commission is 5% on first level and 1% on second level.

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What does HYIP Monitors say about


The BEST Paying Websites!

Below you can browse the best paying website that really works. will give you back your capital after the period you agreed to lend some money expires. The money lent is used to acquire facilities for mining more Bitconnect coins which people buy at higher prices. The interest made in the process is shared between and the lender. Investors can lend USD or Bitconnect Coins. Genesis Mining is the largest Bitcoin and scrypt cloud mining provider. Genesis Mining offers three Bitcoin cloud mining plans: 100 GH/s ($26/Lifetime Contract), 2,000 GH/s ($499/Lifetime Contract), and 10,000 GH/s ($2,400/Lifetime Contract). These plans cost $0.26, $0.25, and $0.24 per GH/s, respectively. Zcash mining contracts are $29 for 0.1 H/s $280 for 1 H/s, $2,600 for 10 H/s. Hashflare offers SHA-256 mining contracts for $1.20/10 GH/s. More profitable SHA-256 coins can be mined while automatic payouts are still in BTC. Customers must purchase at least 10 GH/s. Cryptomining is a new cloud mining company and investment opportunity that wants to give people a way to utilize high quality crypto-currency mining with guaranteed profits. is based in the UK. Its address is at 8 Duncannon Street, London, United Kingdom. It is registered with the number, 10664240 and bears the name Investellect LTD on its certificate of incorporation. If — Force of Experience has been online for over 770 days, then one must be compelled to believe that it has a lot of experienced marketers, economists and traders who are capable of generating profits consistently.


BESTCOININV.COM is a SCAM! It’s stopped paying… takes pride in multiplying people’s Bitcoins. Actually, they don’t do this by magic. They have a team of highly trained engineers, economists and cryptocurrency miners and traders who work hard to ensure steady earnings for their clients. They have been working together since January 4, 2017, when the company was successfully incorporated and given a certificate with the number, 10546283.

As a result of the incorporation, can also be called Bestcoininv Limited. The company is using the website to attract people who believe in them and want to multiply their bitcoins just like they have been doing before they were revealed to the public. With, you can at least be sure of a stable source of income every day. is a UK company because that is where it was registered. Moreover, the company’s main office is also situated there. The address of the company is 28 Mornington Cres, London, United Kingdom, NW1 7RE. Overview has several languages by which one can understand what is contained on the website. Among them are English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, German and Spanish. The Twitter and Facebook links are to the left of the language menu and they both function well. Just like opening the site on your web browser is fast, you won’t have to wait past a few seconds for their social media sites to open. also has a server time and date which keeps updating itself even without refreshing the site. You would need this to track your next payment period or for other personal interests.

To be sure you are dealing with the right company, you may want to download the company’s certificate or view the company’s information. These can be done directly from the home page which contains links to these documents. Benefits

Your Funds are Safe

One of the fears people have about investing in a company is the safety of their funds. Funds can normally be tampered with if accounts can be hacked or when information sent to the website is not hidden. has tried to take care of these by having a dedicated server, a Comodo SSL certificate and an AntiDDOS protection. Their status as a legal entity can also serve as a guide because news about them can travel faster when they start doing the wrong thing.


Two-level Referral Commission

Paying 6% to an affiliate is no mean feat. Imagine getting paid that amount up to five times a day on accounts that register with just $20 each. If you get that every day for the rest of the month, it will be quite difficult for you to beg bread, even if you have nothing else to lean on.

The 6% commission paid by is in two steps. In step 1, you get 5% and the other 1% comes to you as a step 2 affiliate. Anybody can do this irrespective of one’s account balance.


Bitcoin Acceptance’s Bitcoin acceptance is good news because it means you now have a source of earning the most widely used cryptocurrency. If you have been monitoring the performance of this digital currency, you will agree with us that you could have been 8 times richer today if you had invested in the currency in the beginning of 2017. All hope is not yet lost. Bitcoin price is still rising and you can still take advantage of it today by investing in


Instant Withdrawals from 0.0005 BTC

Withdrawals are processed as soon as you ask for it. The money you see on your account balance is as good as already in your wallet so won’t waste any time when you demand it. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC and there is no limit to what you can withdraw.


Lifetime Plans

From November 20, 2017, will be paying their members profits on a daily basis forever. Over 1,406 people have already started experiencing this fantastic offer.


Highly Profitable Plans has investment plans that pay well. The beauty of their investment packages is that they require a low amount and zero fees. The profits one can get by identifying with this site are:

  • 7% daily forever (0.001 BTC to 10 BTC)
  • 9% daily forever (10.001 BTC to 50 BTC)
  • 12% daily forever (50.001 BTC to 300 BTC)


Weekend Profits pays 7 days of the week. That means the weekends are included in the pay schedule. You can verify this by checking what a proposed deposit will yield on the profit calculator below the investment plans on the homepage.


Conclusion and its forever plans are what most people need today to stay financially stable. If you are looking for ways to improve your earnings, you are encouraged to register here now. Even without a deposit, you can live a decent life by participating in the affiliate program which pays up to 6% per deposit. Viral Alert wishes you the best as you take your first step to them.

BESTCOININV.COM is a SCAM! It’s stopped paying…




Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.


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Website now down. Lost quite a bit of money on this scam.Consdiering going to 28 Mornington Cres in London and seeing if this was ever even a real company.

chuck wagner

guys run for the hills, unless they have eyes…


Bestcoininv are fuc… thieves. I was so stupid…
Do not invest !!!!!!!!!! If you want proof ask me before invest. You will lost money as I did.

stopped paying. have been trying for the last 5days


Payment has stopped after just my 3rd withdrawal!! 🙁


N. L.

NOT PAYING AT ALL!!!! Maybe they sent out their LAST Batch of payments!! The website doesn’t even load anymore! If you don’t post this then you’re in Bed with these SCAM ARTISTS Robbing/Stealing from customers & I will avoid your site like Ebola plague!!!!


Looks like they stopped paying
After three instant withdrawals today’s withdrawal is still on hold


Now it’s not paying any more

Not paying anymore. I get 0.029 back on the 0.04 btc invested but i made a new withdraw yesterday still not executed 24 hours later while it was done in 5 minutes before.


Yesterday my Withdrawal request is pending. Maybe it scam. i will update