Review – Earn up to 70% profit per day Review, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: PAYING Review
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Summary pays daily profits for 1000 days. This means that mining pool owners in the company might have less financial struggles for the next two and a half years and more for depositing $500 today.

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User Rating 2.2 (5 votes) is a mining company that has decided to share its ownership with anyone who would like to join it in expanding its business. It has global mining pools in several places, including Iceland, where much of its operations are carried out. has been around since 2014, the time when some other HYIPs of its kind were launched. Unfortunately, most of those other HYIPs are nowhere to be found today although has continued to grow stronger.

Indeed, it may be the strongest mining company as it claims, having paid off benefits consistently for about three years. We shall look into what must have contributed to its growth, its benefits, and what we can possibly gain from the website. Overview

The website’s design is made simple enough for anyone to use without calling for help. The registration form requires almost nothing so you will basically need 1-2 minutes to fill it. Upon logging into your account, you will have the opportunity to purchase a share of the mining pool from your bitcoin wallet, clubcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet or Zcash wallet. The process of purchasing has been made simple and your balance is updated in about 30 minutes, depending on when the confirmations for the transaction are completed. has a pool of educative resources that tells us more about bitcoins. If you would like to know the latest news in the world that relates to bitcoin and other digital currencies, is definitely a place to go to because the news page is constantly updated. Furthermore, the FAQ page has a list of some good resources where you can open a bitcoin wallet. This is good for those who do not want to get scammed by some fake bitcoin companies. To withdraw your bitcoins to cash, you can also use any of the options provided on the FAQ page.

To find out more about what the company offers, managers has prepared some videos to educate visitors to the site. Benefits

Be More Assured

Investing in a company that has lasted more than two years gives one a better assurance of getting paid.


Good and Sustainable Investment Plans investment packages may look unattractive when viewed from afar, but they are like silver linings placed in a cloud. Unfortunately, one may not be able to benefit from with anything less than a $500 deposit, which is the least amount required to purchase a share of the mining pool. There are three mining pools advertised on These are Mining Pool 1 (costs $500), mining pool 2 (costs $1000), and mining pool 3 (costs $2000).

Those who purchase mining pool 1 will be paid 50% of the profits gotten from their pool everyday. The other 50% is used to maintain the pool and to buy new equipment to sustain operations.

Owners of Mining pool 2 get 60% of the daily profits while 40% is used for maintenance.

Finally, those who purchase the third mining pool will be paid 70% of the profits it generates on daily basis while the remaining 30% is used to maintain it.

It is important to note the difference between this mode of compensation and the ones obtainable in most other HYIPs that pay a percentage on your investment amounts. Assuming you buy mining pool 1 and 5 BTC are made at the end of the day, the amount is first shared among the owners of the mining pool. For example, if 100 people own mining pool 1 which has generated 5 BTC at the end of Monday, each member of the pool is entitled to 0.05 BTC. Out of this, 50% will be paid to you, and that means you will get 0.025 BTC at the end of Monday, while the other 0.025 BTC will be used for repurchasing your plan and keeping it active for the next 1000 days.


Earn for 1000 days without having need to reinvest pays daily profits for 1000 days. This means that mining pool owners in the company might have less financial struggles for the next two and a half years and more for depositing $500 today.

PS: doesn’t pay for the first 10 days. This period is used to monitor the operation and to determine the best interest rates that new investors are to be paid. After the first ten days, earnings are paid consistently for the next 1000 days. You have nothing to worry about because everyone, including those whose testimonies are displayed on the website, is subjected to the same treatment.


Referral Commission

There are five other ways to earn on apart from the interests accrued from deposits. These other ways are:

  • Binary team cycle bonus
  • Binary matching bonus
  • Level up bonuses from full shares
  • Level up bonuses from repurchases
  • Residual infinity bonuses

The above bonuses depend on certain things including your rank. ranks are divided into Miner, Builder, Pro Builder, Master Builder and Monster Builder. A miner is one who hasn’t invited anyone into the company while the others need to invite at least 5.

The level up bonus (the referral commission) pays 5% for the first two people you invite. Inviting the 3rd, 4th and 5th people, you will get 6% on all their full share purchases (that is deposits) and 1% level up bonus when each of them invites their first two members. The next 6,7, and 8 invitees takes you up to level 3 where you will earn on a 7%, 2% and 1% structure. Finally, inviting up to nine people or more will earn you 8% for your new level and 2%, 1% and 1% from the efforts of your downlines.


Conclusion has a structure that speaks for itself. It is not in a hurry to appeal to HYIP enthusiasts around the world, but it is rather interested in satisfying its members and all who would want to identify with it. We can give it an approval based on the facts that it has been online for some years already, and its operations are quite different from other HYIPs which have folded up. We however wish to remind you that it is still expedient to partake in this if $500 means nothing to you if you lose it. We wish the best as it continues to enrich lives.



Video of Mining Facility #1


Video of Mining Facility #2


Iceland Promo Video

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