Bitcoin and Blockchain Business Predicted For More Success in 2018

Bitcoin 2018 forecast


There have been a lot of setbacks that made the Blockchain business not to thrive for some period of time. Although this has been an issue that have been a great concern to the top leaders and stakeholders, they have also promised every investor and individual who is willing to participate actively in the business that they would experience huge investment returns in 2018 and beyond.


According to Caitlin Long, the chairman and president of Symbiont, a Blockchain platform and enterprise, the year 2018 will be known for many outstanding achievements and would record tremendous successes in every business activity that would be carried out. He said thus: “When I look ahead, I see 2018 as a year of maturity for both the bitcoin and enterprise Blockchain parts of the space. Bitcoin will yet again prove its antifragility, more corporates will embrace it for payments, and the community will successfully resist its financialization. Enterprise Blockchain will gain wider acceptance in production applications.”


He also predicted that in 2018, the Blockchain technology would be advanced and would also allow users to enjoy many benefits. Also, the Bitcoin exchange is also predicted to strengthen further, thereby making investors that exist in different parts of the country to rejoice as they have never done in previous years. The use of Bitcoin as an exchange payment in the industry has also been predicted to become a well developed system that would be used especially in the absence of other efficient banking systems in the community.


One Bitcoin developer and operator of Programming Blockchain, Jimmy Song reported that the Bitcoin business has the ability to make people become millionaires in the future. He asserted that although the year 2017 was marked with uncertainties, and fear, the network would become more strengthened in 2018 and grow more rapidly.

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Bitcoin is a digital currency which uses decentralized technology for storing money and secure payments that doesn’t require people’s or banks name. It works on a public ledger which is called as a blockchain. It holds decentralized record of all transactions that is updated and held by all the users of the network. Bitcoins exists either on a user’s computer or in the cloud and stored in a “digital wallet” in encrypted form. The wallet is similar as virtual bank account which allow users to pay for goods, send or receive bitcoins, or save their money.