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Welcome to Viral Alert Exchange!

Hi, we are happy to announce that we are going to cater exchanges from bitcoin to paypal and paypal to bitcoin. As of now we are doing exchanges manually. Check our BCT Thread here


$60 Bitcoin$50 Paypal$100 Paypal$80 Bitcoin
$115 Bitcoin$100 Paypal$200 Paypal$175 Bitcoin
$225 Bitcoin$200 Paypal$300 Paypal$275 Bitcoin
$335 Bitcoin$300 Paypal$400 Paypal$370 Bitcoin
$555 Bitcoin$500 Paypal$500 Paypal$460 Bitcoin
*Bitcoin to Paypal are processed instant when I'm online and up to 10 hours when I'm offline. Paypal transaction fees is to be shouldered by the buyer.*Paypal to Bitcoin are processed 12-24 hours. Paypal transaction fees is to be shouldered by the buyer.
*To order please send your bitcoin address to 3G7urEBb9UmtUt41FyPvsAuF92qGu7XZbr.*Send payments as gift only. To order please use the contact form.

Our limit transaction per day is $1,000.

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