Review - Earn Bitcoins the easy way starting with 6% daily, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: PAYING Review
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Summary has an investment plans of 6% daily for 30 days, 7% daily for 30 days and 9% daily for 30 days.

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While many websites providing investment opportunities barely last two weeks, we have found one that has been active for over three weeks. The viral alert review team has also invested some funds into it and found out that it is working indeed. We therefore thought it would be a generous act to let our readers know, especially those who are always looking for the most recent opportunities in HYIP investments. boasts of having competent professionals, superior service and risk free strategies in bitcoin trading and mining. is actually a website for the company, Bitdig Business Limited. Both names can be used interchangeably since they are both managed by the same set of people. It is a registered firm and has the license number, 10524514. The only difference between and Bitdig Business Limited is that while the limited company has been operating since December 2016, its online project is barely a month old. It must have taken the management team some time to test their hardware, software and program to be sure that they were ready before being used. was launched on May 17, 2017. Their office can be found at 45 Boar Lane, Selham, United Kingdom, GU28 1AR. Overview

In the overview of, we shall concentrate on the website features and how one may benefit from its makeup.

One of the most obvious benefits of the website itself is that it was designed to present a lot of information briefly and comprehensively. On the home page, one can see the latest payouts, the investment plans and links to other pages that give detailed explanations on what to expect. To open an account, simply click on the link bearing the appropriate description and enter the required fields. The sign up and sign in links are placed near the top of the page for easy access. Benefits

Bank-level security

Although people’s interest vary, it is likely that the most important benefit for users of is its level of security. The website has strengthened its security by calling on the services of the best internet security providers such as McAfee, AVG, DNB, SiteLock, Companies House and Comodo.


Attractive Interest Rates

It feels nice to earn 6%, 7% or/and 9% daily for the next 30 working days without doing anything at all. This would give you time for other things such as your regular 9-5PM job. Besides, nursing mothers and students may consider this as an opportunity to get money despite their busy schedules.


Low Investment amount

The lowest amount required for anyone to participate in the project is 0.02 BTC. Even though the money isn’t quite much, it still brings much profit to the investor. A deposit of 0.02 BTC yields 6% daily for the next 30 working days.


Bitcoin Accepted

Unlike several institutions that shy away from the use of cryptocurrency, encourages it. In fact, the site doesn’t just encourage people’s ownership of bitcoins, but it also rewards them with more of it. Since bitcoin is available worldwide, there is no restriction on who should participate in the project.


Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits require just three confirmations to be confirmed. Since this usually takes about 30 minutes, you can expect your account to be funded with the amount before long. As for withdrawals, there has been no issue since the site started because they are quick to respond to withdrawal requests. At worst, withdrawals will be processed in 48 hours if you don’t receive it immediately.


Low Minimum Withdrawal Balance

To withdraw from, all you need to have is 0.001 BTC. This value is so small that you may choose to withdraw everyday. Even the lowest contribution (of 0.02 BTC) creates the possibility of withdrawing daily since each day’s benefit with the amount is 0.0012 BTC.


Fast Support prides itself with the level of customer support system it has. It provides 24/7 customer relationship through emails and online support ticket.


Affiliate Program referral program is free for all. Even without an active deposit in one’s account, the affiliate program can still be an opportunity to make money. Its reward strategy is based on a three-tier plan: Level 1 which pays 5%, level 2 for 3% and level 3 for 1%.


Conclusion is not a bad idea at all. Their payment plans, referral program, deposit option and support system all speak for it. If you have an intention to earn much from the little you have, then we recommend this site. The amount you should invest depends on your savings and what you call spare funds. Since HYIPs are a bit risky, we advise that you spend what you can conveniently lose in case anything bad occurs.




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