Review – Double Your Bitcoins Review - Double Your Bitcoins, like the name implies, is a place where your bitcoins can be doubled. It is a gambling site where anyone from whatever continent or country on the globe can register, participate and win real bitcoins that can be withdrawn for spending. It is not a dice company and it comes with a completely new way of earning. Its methods are quite different from many other gambling sites so users can have a fresh experience and a more interesting way of winning more money. Review Summary
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Summary is a brand new way to gamble with Bitcoin. They are NOT a dice site – instead players deposit Bitcoin and bet those credits on a roulette inspired game. Ease of Use

The website is simple to use. There are no technical languages and betting terms used on the site are well simplified. For further enquiries, an FAQ page and a support link is provided too.

Registration is fast, easy and can be done on a mobile phone. It does not matter if you have spare time or not to be on your computer screen since the games can actually be played on mobile phones. This increases the chances of earning even when you are practically on a busy schedule.


What Makes Different


Bitdouble’s game of chance closely resembles the roulette. Players are to stake their bitcoins for some colored rectangular shapes which have their unique numbering. There are a total of three colored rectangles namely black, red, and green. The green color has the highest rewards because it consists of a single number, zero. The red figure occurs for numbers between 1 and 7 while the black colored shape exists for numbers 8 to 14.

Bettors can play with numbers and colors. When a color is chosen, the specific number is immaterial since there are other numbers having the same color. For example, a player who has chosen the number 2 will have his bitcoins doubled just like another person who chose the number 5 since they both belong to the red group. Since the red and black boxes are equal, the probability of winning a game is approximately 50% (because of the possibility of getting a zero score)

To play specifically with numbers, a player can bet on even or odd numbers. This gives an approximated 50% chance of winning each bet since there are equal numbers of odd and even numbers from 1 to 14.
Betting on zero gives the highest increment on your Bitcoin because the chance of getting it is just 1 out of 15. To reduce your chances of losing, you can bet a small amount and hope it turns out to your favor to win fourteen times your deposit amount.


Benefits of

Fresh Experience

There are not many gambling sites out there that use the roulette system. has chosen this method to give online gamblers the feeling they get in the real world.


Higher Chances of Winning

The numbers are only from 0 to 14, reducing the chances of failing. Most roulette systems prefer to use the numbers 1-50 or even 1-100 but Bitdouble has the interest of their players at heart. Inasmuch as they want to earn, they also wish that their players are happy and able to earn as much as they can.


Provably Fair

All rolls are generated with a provably fair system. This system ensures that no third party can influence the outcome of the rolls. To achieve this, the Random Number Generator (RNG) of Bitdouble is seeded with the results of Bitcoin block hashes.


Minimum Deposit allows deposits as little as 0.001 BTC while bets can be as low as 0.000001 BTC. This reduces your chances of losing entirely in case your chosen entries don’t end up being the winning numbers.


Auto-bet Feature

The auto-bet system is optional but recommendable if you insist on winning. With this, a player can program the next bet with a minimum amount and ask the system to stop any further bets once a win is recorded.


Earn Commissions as an affiliate

Apart from betting, you can also generate revenue when your referrals bet. The commission you earn depends on your affiliate level. As an affiliate, your earnings continue to increase whether your referrals win or lose in their games.


How to Start

You can have your Bitcoins doubled in less than five minutes from now. After registration, which takes less than a minute, you may deposit from your Bitcoin and start betting immediately. This is something you can do in your spare time.


My Advice about is unarguably an authentic site when it comes to gambling and rewarding winners. With the promise of doubling your Bitcoins (as they actually do) it may be tempting to stake almost all you have got. It is advisable that you play with only an amount you can truly risk. This is even why they allow bets that are as little as 0.000001 BTC.



Use the comment below if you have any personal review about You may also share your experience, tips and guides that you and others can benefit.

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