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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision. is a London based bitcoin mining company that helps to increase the money people have in their savings. Instead of keeping your money in the bank or hiding it in your box, allowing Bitfinancial take charge of it is more rewarding. Payment Status: SCAM Review
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STATUS: SCAM! Do Not Invest! is SCAM

User Rating 2.56 (34 votes) is a real company as it can be found at 30 City Road, London. There is a map on their website which serves as a means of directing anyone who would like to locate them.

In less than four days of operation, Bitfinancial already had more than 404 BTC investments from 2489 accounts. No doubt, many people must have seen something good about it to cause such a large response in few days. Bitfinancial is a registered UK company with the license number, 10444140. It was incorporated on October 2016 as a private limited company to manage finances.


Overview of

The website, is quite impressive. You can see the current number of visitors online any time as well as the current exchange rate between the dollar and the bitcoin. Also, the links on the pages are well arranged so that any visitor to the website won’t have to look for information for too long.

The site is enabled with a live chat box. You can ask any question to an online customer representative and have your problems resolved within minutes.

The sign up process is easy. The only things you will need are your email address, a password and your bitcoin address. is fast to open even with slow internet connections. Phones, tablets and anything at all that can surf the internet can be used to safely manage a Bitfinancial account.


Benefits of – Bitfinancial Limited is growing from strength to strength as one can see in the company’s membership statistics. With the current trend, the company may likely overtake some of those that have been in the field before its birth. Some of the reasons why people will prefer it to other companies include the following:


Improved Technology for Guaranteed Payments

The equipment at the company is among the most advanced in the industry. Bitfinancial managers have devoted their earnings to buy these expensive gadgets just to ensure that nobody complains about getting a loss. Operating the equipment are experts in various fields of engineering and computer science. The experts work together as a team to actualize the goal of bringing more profits to investors’ bitcoins.


The Future is Yours

In less than one year, one can see how the value of bitcoin has increased by more than 100% as compared to the dollar. In another one year or two years from now, it is likely that a much more significant increase in the value of bitcoin will be felt. As a result, it has become imperative for any investor to try bitcoin mining. By choosing Bitfinancial to do this on your behalf, you are paving the way for more financial rewards as bitcoin value continue to appreciate.


High Profit Potential – Bitfinancial Limited offers rewards that are greater than the average industry rates. They pay 0.15% every hour for a lifetime. At this hourly rate, an investor is going to have 3.6% per day for investments starting from 0.001 BTC.


Team Work

Every activity at Bitfinancial is centralized and the workers are answerable to a leader who oversees their activities. The presence of a leader and a centralized server create more room for specialization and for investors to reap their benefits. There are no random or careless operations since the algorithms are already developed and standardized. They use some of the best known algorithms such as Scrypt and SHA-256.


Fast Support

Customers can get in touch with their financial managers by making a phone call, sending an email or by chatting. Emails sent are responded to within hours because there are people designated with the task and they are always active. You can talk to them in the morning, at night and on any day of the week.


Initial Deposit is Still Yours

While you get 0.15% every hour on your deposits, you are still able to withdraw your initial deposit anytime you want and it doesn’t matter if you have made gains for several years or months. Initial deposits can be withdrawn the next day after your investment. However, note that withdrawing your initial deposit means rendering the investment account inactive. Moreover, it attracts a processing fee of 5%. If you would ever wish to withdraw your deposits, it is advisable to do so after some time.


Tight Security

Investment companies need security just like the banks. Most investment companies including Bitfinancial Limited even have a higher security because they bear in mind the need to save funds gathered from millions of people worldwide. uses GeoTrust encryption service to hide information as they are sent from one network to another. Their AVG technologies protect against virus and all forms of malware.

Other features that ensure tight security for your funds at Bitfinancial include Trustwave, Trust Guard, McAfee, Norton and SiteLock. Affiliates and Representatives

These provide extra ways of earning. Affiliates and representatives work for Bitfinancial Limited by telling people about the company. While Affiliates need only links to invite people, representatives work for the company in their respective regions. They can hold seminars to sensitize people about the opportunities given by the company. Because of the sensitive nature of their job, Bitfinancial Limited has to approve their applications first. The bonuses for affiliates and representatives are 5% and 10% respectively on each deposit from an invitee.

Conclusion – Bitfinancial hourly payment is a fast means of getting more money and their bitcoin system appears to be the best for sustainable future. However, it is still necessary to have some caution. As in other investments and businesses, only start up with what you can risk. This advice is a general one and not just for those interested in high yield profit programs like Bitfinancial Limited.


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its a greatest scam

Brad Dyer

not paying me it was not much left in account 0.016 but must need it more than me

Smith Smith

not paying anymore

Pavlos Giorkas

Guys, don’t bother investing in now. They stopped paying (or maybe they do selective payments).

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