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Bitminer is a cloud mining company that offers different financial services such as Bitcoin mining, internal trading market and the vault wallet. Established online since November 2015 and incorporated in January 2016, the company can now boast of 28510 customers who have benefited from the profit of 216 Bitcoins. With 1317322 GHS available, there is no limit to what anyone can earn by investing with them. Bitminer’s huge successes have been driven all along by their statement, “vision, believe and success.” In addition to Bitcoin, Bitminer also mines Scrypt and Ethereum and profits are channeled to the investors’ Bitcoin balance on the profile page. Review
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Bitminer wants to become the leader in Bitcoin cloud service contributing to the crypto-society in the Bitcoin community.

-Unlimited term contract
-Good ROI


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Website’s Ease of Use

Bitminer has a website that is functional and easy to surf. There are no confusing statements and anyone can digest the information on it without the need for an interpreter. With the pictures on the home page, one can have a grasp of what they are up to even without having an adequate knowledge of what cloud mining is all about. It is not like one of those websites out there that have no contact details; Bitminer has a verifiable contact address in England and a telephone number for customers to visit or call anytime.


Regular Mining

Since its establishment in 2015, Bitminer has never failed in fulfilling their promises of instant payouts. This is because they have an automated system of mining which gives investors the opportunity to always get their profits when due. With their team of engineers and hardware/software managers, Bitminer is able to maintain a 99.9% uptime for several years.

Low Maintenance Fees

The maintenance fees are different for the different types of accounts. They are charged from the daily profits that are withdrawn to an investor’s wallet. The fees are charged in BTC/GHS and are based on the current exchange rate between the dollar and Bitcoin. There are no hidden fees whatsoever as an investor can clearly predict what charges he has to pay even before he starts earning.

Multiple Account Types

Bitminer features multiple earning potentials for all her investors. An investor can choose to mine bitcoins or partake in the trade platform, vault wallet and referral system, where he or she can earn 3% on every referral deposit. Bitcoin mining starts with as little as 1GHS.

Investors are encouraged to keep bitcoins in their account balance to attract a weekly interest of 0.25%. This means that by the end of a week, an investor who has kept back 1 BTC in his or her account gets an extra 0.0025 BTC and 1.0025BTC for withdrawal. The same 1.0025BTC if kept back attracts another 0.25% interest for the coming week and so on. This is a nice way to earn residual income for an entire year.

There is a trading platform for investors that have up to 0.001 BTC on their balance. They can trade their bitcoins when the market is favorable just like other Forex marketers do.
Finally, with an account balance of 1 Bitcoin, an investor is free to fix it on contract. This attracts an interest of 110% after about 6 months. This translates to an additional 1.1BTC for a contract of 1 BTC and 2.2 BTC if 2 BTC was fixed for half a year.

What I Like about Bitminer

The daily withdrawal is simply what I find interesting about Bitminer. Even though they have to take their own fees, I am still satisfied with this because the fees are quite minimal compared to other cloud mining sites. Every successful withdrawal is backed up with an email confirmation so I can track my earnings by looking at my emails whenever I wish.


Use the comment below if you have any personal review about You may also post your payment proofs.

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Batrisyia Afiqah Yumna
Batrisyia Afiqah Yumna

Multiply bitcoin or USD :

Its real, not scam

Hirose Kurumi
Hirose Kurumi

i think i have to report my situation with

i requested a withdrawal from as a test of proof to believe them.

and my bitcoins came back to my wallet in 24 hours

you need to click a verification email after sending withdrawal request, please note.

Hirose Kurumi
Hirose Kurumi

i have to report my situation with

i requested a withdrawal from as a test of proof to believe them.

and my bitcoins came back to my wallet in 24 hours. please see the screen shot.
Plinux BTC
Plinux BTC

Cela c’est un Site a la con !!! Pourquoi ?

Ligun impossible plus de 2-3 x , login déconne a fond , voilà pourquoi on va voir ailleurs !!!
A Update ou est un SCAM ???

Problèmes Login Impossible !!!! Update !!

Plinux BTC
Plinux BTC
James Tak Kwan Fung
James Tak Kwan Fung

No I don’t think this review is fair

I have been trying to withdraw my bitcoins from with multiple attempts since 9/2016 and now it is still pending for approval.

I think this review need to be rewritten and this company need to be looked upon very cautiously