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Summary has an investment plans of 10% - 15% daily forever.

Added to Database: June 11, 2017

User Rating 0 (0 votes) Status on HYIP Monitors is an investment site where people can multiply their bitcoins without working by themselves. There is a possibility that this can happen since there are experts in various fields who have come together to make what is today. is just a website designed by the managers of Bitpalas Limited to speed their progress. Having been in the business of exchanging and mining cryptocurrencies since 2015, one may feel comfortable when it comes to investing in the company. (or Bitpalas Limited) is a registered company so it is recognized by the law. To prove this, the administrators have displayed their certificate of incorporation on their website. The registration number for their business is 10734986. The company also has its address at 221 Botley Road, Oxford, UK. A map of its location is displayed on the contact us page of the website.

It may interest you to know that was officially launched in June 12, 2017. However, in just two days of its existence, thousands of people have already joined and deposited well over 172 bitcoins. The withdrawals since then have been over 45 btc. Overview is simple to browse and understand. Its simplicity makes registration fast and easy, such that even those who are not computer literate can do so on their own. The site is hosted on a dedicated server—one of the reasons why one can access it even in areas of poor internet provision. The live support section makes sense, and the availability of seven different languages to choose from makes it recognized as an international money making opportunity. is bold enough to display its cell phone number and links to its Facebook and Twitter accounts on the site’s homepage. What this probably means is that they are ready to last for a long time just as they have declared that they have developed strategies that can make them prosper for the next ten years. Benefits

Bank-level Security

Having more than one company to watch its back means that it is ready for business and expects to handle more cash flows in the future. has an EV SSL Certificate from Geotrust and a dedicated server to prevent hacking, phishing and account theft.


Instant Withdrawals

Unlike some other places where your withdrawal request may be queued for hours or days, pays instantly. This will enable its investors to never lack money, especially when they need it in times of emergency.


Weekend and Holiday Payouts

Your money works for you whether it is a holiday or not. Profits are distributed to all active accounts every 24 hours, even on weekends and public holidays. This feature will make it possible for people to reach their financial target on time.


Referral Commission has a place for affiliates. It is an opportunity for those who love to blog about investment opportunities to earn thousands of dollars for the company. affiliates have a double opportunity to earn from their work. For convincing someone, an affiliate earns 5% of whatever the investor deposits. Secondly, the same affiliate will earn an extra 1% commission if the person he once introduced successfully convinces another person. There is no rule that prevents an affiliate from earning on both sides on and the company will even be impressed that the affiliate is doing a good job.


Opportunity to Edit Bitcoin Wallet

While most investment sites has made it impossible for investors to edit their account details, thought there could be other ways to ensure that the accounts of its members remain safe. If you are in the habit of changing bitcoin wallets or you feel you need to channel funds to different accounts, may just be the right place for you.


Forever Payments

You will never be asked to renew membership at any time to continue enjoying the benefits. Every investor on the site is entitled to an everlasting repayment scheme which is based on the amount that was invested.


Flexible and Rewarding Plans

With only 0.001 BTC, investors can earn 10% daily forever. To earn up to 12% daily, the investor needs at least 5.001 BTC in his wallet. Finally, earning up to 15% per day requires a deposit of 30.001 BTC. Daily profits can be withdrawn without commission. However, there has to be a minimum balance of 0.0005 bitcoins at the point of application before your withdrawal request can be approved.


Open Multiple Accounts

Again, is different from the rest in this aspect. understands that one may be honest about having more than one account to increase one’s earning potential so the company doesn’t frown at it as many other investment companies do. More so, members of the same family can use the same IP address to operate their accounts without being punished for it.


Conclusion is one of the few out there with the most convenient terms. Its payment structure makes sense and investors are likely to be at ease. With a free and fast registration process, nobody who has got 0.001 btc to spare should exempt himself or herself from this opportunity. We hope that the company lasts as long as it has planned.





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