Review (SCAM) - Your bitcoins can grow by 15% everyday, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: SCAM… NOT PAYING… Review
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Summary investment plans are 12% daily forever, 13% daily forever and 15% daily forever. The minimum amount to invest is 0.001BTC. The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0005BTC. Referral commission is 7% on first level.

Added to Database: July 10, 2017

User Rating 3 (2 votes) Status on HYIP Monitors says you are better off with your bitcoins if you can give them a part of it as an investment. The organizers of the investment program have made it in such a way that you can have maximum financial freedom with minimum risk by investing just a token. It doesn’t sound better elsewhere. Normally, one would need a huge capital to set up a mining facility, but makes it easier by allowing you to contribute a little, which will be used to create a share for you in its mining pool. To bring you more gains, the mint coins are further exchanged at times when it can be profitable to do so. This means bumper harvest for you and you don’t have to worry yourself with all the technicalities involved. deserves credit for taking the burden off your shoulder. What’s more, it is a registered company, meaning it operates with a license. Its registration is rooted in the UK, and the number, 10851726 is a proof of this. Following its registration, one should know that is synonymous to Bitprogress Limited as the website is only a tool for the company to relate with its investors. It is a means of accepting public funds and paying profits realized from its activities. The website also serves as a means of letting people know more about the company’s operations. Bitprogress Limited is located at 70 Great West Road, Brentford, United Kingdom, TW8 OGD. Overview has complete features as an investment site. What you need to know about the investment plans are boldly given at the home page and one can as well calculate profits based on any given plan before making an investment.

There is a link that leads to the beta companies house website at the top of the home page. We checked it out and found out that was truly recognized in the UK.

You don’t need a fortune teller to reveal the contact details of the company. Everything about contacting them is written in black and white on the support page. There, you can find the phone number, the email address, and the contact address. You can also fill out an online support form on the same page, which may work much faster if you are already on the site. Benefits

A plethora of security agents

One thing you need to look out for if you must patronize an investment site is the kind of security available. If the company has Comodo, GeoTrust, Trustwave, McAfee Secure, AVG, DDOS Guard protection, Norton, TRUST e, DigiCert, Verisign, DUNS and SiteLock, then it is probably one of the safest places to invest your money as hacking and other attacks on the website may never be successful. has all of these, meaning it is quite safe to invest your money there.


Debit Card: Withdrawal made easy

Because is poised to enrich the lives of its investors, it has also created a hassle-free system for them to withdraw their money. Investors can order for the Bitprogress debit card from Visa and Mastercard. The card will be shipped straight to your home within 30 days after placing your order. Anyone who has up to 10 BTC in his or her account can own this.


Perpetual Profits

All investors, regardless of their deposit amounts, are eligible for perpetual profits. This means they will continue to earn profits on their current plan, even if they choose not to deposit again.


Worldwide Opportunity does not segregate its members, and it gives equal opportunities to all. All the investment plans listed on the site apply to anyone who is interested, regardless of one’s country of origin or place of residence.


Profitable Investment plans has three wonderful investment plans:

  • 12% daily forever with 0.001 BTC
  • 13% daily forever, with 10.001 BTC
  • 15% daily forever, with 50.001 BTC


Instant Withdrawals

No waiting time at all. Apply for a withdrawal and have it in your crypto wallet immediately.


Weekend Payments

Profits for Saturdays and Sundays are a must. It is your right to have weekend profits and won’t trample on it.


Very Low Withdrawal Amount

You can withdraw as little as 0.0005 BTC if you want or you may leave it to grow before withdrawing. Please be notified that does not offer to compound. As a result, leaving your balance in your account makes little or no meaning except if you have the intention of making another deposit.


Live Chat

You can chat live with the company’s representatives on the website. You don’t have to download anything on your computer or internet device to make this work. You will, however, be asked to leave a message whenever the company reps are not disposed to chat. This usually happens after office hours.


Affiliate Rewards

Affiliates are rewarded with one of the most attractive terms. They are paid 7%, 2%, 1% for the first three levels respectively. The referral program is open to anyone who has a referral link. Every registered account has a referral link, whether it has an active deposit or not.


Multiple Accounts

You are not obliged to have only one account. Members can register as many accounts as possible, as long as they are not fraudulent with it. only frowns at members who use their referral link to create multiple accounts for themselves. If you don’t aim to cheat in this manner, then nothing even prevents you from helping other members of your family to register on with the same IP address you used to do yours.


Conclusion has a perpetual investment plan that sounds like the savior to most people’s financial woes. If you are in need of such a thing, you are hereby guaranteed one with just 0.001 BTC. This amount looks meager, but wants everyone to know that it hopes to get so much eventually when lots of people identify with its plan. We do not encourage you however to deposit all that you have acquired on earth into because we cannot vouch that it is 100% risk-free. All investments are accompanied with a level of risk and the best way to live a normal life, even when the worst happens, is to invest your spare funds. is a SCAM…



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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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