Review – Get paid straight to your BTC account Review, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: SCAM… NOT PAYING… Review
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Summary pays profits every hour to every investor. Bituniverse will give 200% of what you invested. Usually their daily payment is above 4%. The minimum investment is 0.005 BTC while the referral commission is 10% on your first level.

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I have seen a lot of interesting offers in the HYIP industry since this week but it appears that none of them is as enticing as The website design and its offers look quite different from what we have seen in the past days.

By the way, we learned that the company is legitimate and registered in Australia. As for payments, they are actually doing well and even better than many others at the moment. Please read on to see some of the outstanding features of their payment methods.

Based on its operations and plans for the people, has described itself as the new rising star. Having sold over 180 contracts and paid out more than 0.06 BTC in short period, one may be compelled to agree with the description. Overview

There aren’t several links on the website but that may be because it is just a new one. The firm may probably be waiting to see how things will go so as to know what to add to the site. The other links tagged “stats” and “how to” are not very useful since the same information is on the home page. One unique feature on the site is the search bar which provides information for any registered account when entered.

The server time and date may be of help to you if you have no time piece around. Just refresh the page whenever you want to be sure of what the time is. The time on the site is in GMT so you would have to adjust it to your local time by doing some plus or minus based on your own location.

A brief tutorial video also exists on the website. It won’t cost you much to listen to it as it lasts less than one minute. Benefits

Now let’s see how this website looks different from the others and why you may prefer it to many others.


Direct Bitcoin Payments has taken away the hassles of going to the withdrawal section each time you want some money. The company pays straight to the bitcoin wallets when profits are accrued.


It Happens Hourly

Direct payments to your BTC wallet will happen hourly if you have the minimum withdrawal deposit of 0.0005 BTC. In other words, pays profits every hour to every investor.


High and Realizable Profits

Actually, has no established percentage profit for investors. What happens is that they release each day’s profit on their website and then they work with it. This also makes sense since market fluctuations can affect profits either positively or negatively. However, assures every member of daily profits no matter how bad the condition is because of their unique trading algorithm that has been developed to predict price moves very accurately.


Get Double Your Deposit

No matter what each day’s trading yields, will not let you go with anything less than 200% of what you invested. Though the period when this will be accomplished is not certain, it is likely going to be before the end of two calendar months since their daily payment is usually above 4%.


0.005 BTC Only is suitable for you, whether you work or not. That is why they have set a low minimum of 0.005 BTC to own an account and start earning on an hourly basis.


Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin is available for everyone. It has no limitation on individuals from certain countries and this is why has chosen it for deposits and withdrawals.


Support Available

There is someone to turn to for help if you are confused. You can contact the support team via email at support (at) You may also fill the form on the contact page to send your message directly from the website.


15% Referral Bonus

For bringing new members to register on the site, pays up to 15% bonus. This is actually divided into three levels of 10%-3%-2% for levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.


Grow in Rank and determine your profits has extra packages for those who have either deposited so much into their accounts or invited referrals who deposited a lot. That means you really don’t need to have your own money to make it to the top. For each new rank you acquire, your earnings increase by a factor. For example, anyone with the Cadet rank, that is one who has a deposit amount of 0.5 BTC or have attracted referral deposit of 2 BTC in three levels can always multiply each day’s profit by 1.25 to know what he or she stands to get for the day. There are higher multipliers of 1.50, 1.75, and 2.0 for Commanders, Captains and Admirals respectively.


Conclusion may be the new rising star after all. It has a unique payment style, an opportunity for growth and a high referral system of 15%. It has everything it takes to attract new investors and probably to continue paying for a long time. Feel free to join them if you have 0.005 BTC or more to spare. Just remember that it is unwise to deposit what you are not sure of recovering in any investment site. is a SCAM… It’s stopped paying…




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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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not paying. two pending payouts of ouf 8, 9th according to system paid but nothing in investment tab. Looks like its dead now. Stay away


This project is paying automatically and that is amazing
Lovely program 🙂

Batch is ce4430b8aa62f1a94271da1043da5c4f6488bdef6b8650674ba6b5b909cf7fe9


Lovely project
Sending automatic withdrawals to me very often here

Batch is 1fcec969bd7051a7a52b2b2e2a9e3dd5de41420abf89d3f4b05da84733690eff


Great program guys
Automatic payment is a unique feature this program has and I love it
Paying me daily here

Batch is 3c987320c37f170160dce06bed834325f34a5a6eba3fee8baaabdc037340669d


Program is paying automatically to our bitcoin account always
This is a great concept and like how it runs
Program is doing wonderful 🙂

Batch is 1acb195e50dc7d98cedc2687609d68e8ae86543481815f2f7a8d33bb233ef104


Here, a second good option.
Just remember, stay few days and then take back your principal.
Just starting…..


Always automatic payments from here
This a great concept and an amazing running program

Batch is 6ab2aa334d669bca57afc56e919f2193859d74c6bd16ac35ad4a896fd91211a1


More automatic withdrawals from this lovely project
This is amazing concept guys and its awesome indeed 🙂

Batch is 2f4dfb3636bcbac4d41213aa270d7fc75e06e99ca01942b9d30f02159603dde2


Another set of automatic payments from the project
Lovely program guys
You should not miss it 🙂

Batch is 379190ff3f497db7b09bb0b33b7301fea0cbe1d9aea4af2c6d2bd49b9f6b5567

ralph domingo

still paying


Yes, I got paid again today 🙂

Hồ Ly Đại Tiên

Scam now, it has stopped paying for 18 hours


true or not?


The program is paying automatically. Check out properly your account!


Lovely program paying automatic withdrawals with a minimum payout set by me
This is amazing guys 🙂

Batch is 5b7df17e5a09c9e67fdf291a6230141d8dcc298d1952b1c9ebf229103470fc1d


Lovely program
This gives automatic payments and you don’t have to ask for it
That is an amazing feature guys
Positive about the project 🙂

Batch is d372ee036d34b6c45ead5228de274ac98e1729e320f675fd6090cd2623710190