Cash Assistance and Privilege to Enroll Their Children Given to 128 Repatriated OFWs

President Rodrigo Duterte himself welcomed the 128 repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers who had arrived the country from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

The OFWs could not believe they met personally the highest government official in the country. The President gave each of them P5,000 cash assistance aside from the P26,500 pesos provided first by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration or OWWA.

The OFWs are also given the privilege to enroll their children to state schools and universities for FREE through the Office of the President. Among the thousands of OFWs are Mr. Lester and Mr. Fernando who have lost their jobs in Saudi Arabia because of the financial crisis experienced by some companies as well as the drop of oil price in the world market.

Nevertheless, they are thankful enough because of the swift action of the current administration regarding their requests to go back to the Philippines and file their complaints against their companies that failed them.

One of the OFW said “I am thankful, though I’m just a simple citizen, the President himself welcomed us and I was able to do handshake with him. It’s really amazing and I hope he continues his programs.”

Aside from these, the OFW’s are given the chance to borrow capital to start small scale business through the department of trade and industry. And most of all, the chief executive promised to do his best to increase economic growth rate and solve the problems of peace in Mindanao, illegal drugs and corruption in the government. This is for our fellow Filipinos to be discouraged to go abroad and look for greener pastures.

President Duterte “We are not s bad actually, our economy is so far good. Just wait – and give me more time. I will fix the economy and there will be an opportunity for you to work here. We are not really exceeding the expectations, but we are on target in our growth. We have hit a phenomenal of 7, but it’s not something to crow about, we have to do more. And, to make more businesses in the country just like in Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of businesses there and investments”

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