Ccg Mining Review – Mine different cryptocurrencies at your own scale. Potential long-term opportunity Review

Ccg Mining, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Review
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CCG Mining is a professional team that is doing everything in its power to make the tagline “We make it easy for you” available to anyone, regardless of where they live, knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and the level of involvement in cryptocurrencies.

Added to Database: January 08, 2018

If you are interested in mining cryptocurrencies but still yet to start, Ccg Mining offers you an easy way of doing it.  There is no reason to procrastinate this anymore. Many people are already getting profits from this activity even with the little they have. Ccg Mining stands in the gap to help you succeed even if you know nothing about cryptocurrency mining.

CCG’s dreams don’t end in mining and making profits for investors. The company is planning to build the biggest mining data center in Europe and that’s the reason for the collection of funds from the public.

CCG International Limited is at 85 Great Portland Street, WIW 7LT London. They have up to 6 data centers in different countries including Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Austria and the Czech Republic. Each of these centers has its own office but the major one is at 85 Greta Portland Street W1W 7LT London.


Ccg Mining Overview

CCG’s availability in different continents makes them physically present almost everywhere. The site is heavily loaded with the information you need to succeed. First of all, you can start by watching the video tutorial which gives a summary of what you should know.

CCG has also made known the team members. Some of them (with their pictures) appear on the site and you can follow them up with their LinkedIn contacts.

Ccg Mining has some social media accounts. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VK, and YouTube.  These social media sites have an added advantage of making people know more about the company as the relationship with their clients is made public. has multiple languages on its website. The languages are English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Ukranian.


Ccg Mining Benefits

More than One Payment System

You have more than one option when you want to deposit or withdraw your money. These options are Bitcoin and Payeer.  You are not going to be asked for your preferred mode of payment when registering so that you won’t have a limiting factor at the initial stage. You can always update and edit your preferred mode(s) of payment on your accounts area.


Affordable and Flexible Pricing

The flexibility of mining plans at CCG Mining makes it more affordable to invest in the company. Investors can choose to invest in getting a mining rig, the cloud mining project or a special VIP package.

The Mining Rigs: The mining rigs are of various types: Basic, Basic+, Advanced, Advanced Turbo+, Fury, Fury Turbo+ and Custom Mining. Each of these mining rigs has different price plans and features. The profits you will get from them depend on each day’s activity.


Cloud Mining: If you would prefer a plan with lower costs, the cloud mining contract is for you. You can buy for $19.99, $75, $915, $3615 and $375 for 50GH/s, 200 GH/s, 2500 GH/s, 10000 GH/s and 1 TH/s respectively.


VIP Package: This is for those who want something bigger than what the mining rigs and cloud mining offer. They are the big investors who have a better understanding of the profitability of investing in the cryptocurrencies. Packages under the VIP plan go for 4900 USD, 99000 USD and 159000 USD. You can still have a customized VIP package.


Mining Different Coins

Depending on your interests, you can choose to invest in BTC, ETH, ZCASH, MONERO, DASH, LTC or LBRY. Only the BTC mining has a maintenance fee of 0.00038 BTC but it has the advantage of being an open-ended mining contact. Some of the others last up to two years.


24/7 Customer Support has an online chat system that works 24/7. Their other contact methods are email {contact (at), Skype, and an online message form. Conclusion

Ccg Mining offers variable daily interest rates that tend to provide more stability for the company. Investors can either buy rigs for themselves or share with others in the cloud mining plans. Either way, they are sure of residual income that will last for a long time.





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