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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision. as the name suggests, gives the highest value of your cryptocurrency by doing very simple things. Payment Status: SCAM Site Review
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STATUS: SCAM!!! Do Not Invest!!! is a SCAM!

User Rating 3.07 (14 votes) Review
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STATUS: SCAM!!! Do Not Invest!!! is a SCAM!

User Rating 3.07 (14 votes)

Coinpeak.bizCoinpeak Limited, as the name suggests, gives the highest value of your cryptocurrency by doing very simple things. Instead of bothering yourself with all the stress involved in learning investment strategies, acquiring assets, understanding business laws, and the rest of them, a single deposit of your reserve funds can clear all the hassle. The company is able to make profits by investing in global computer technology markets, developing computer hardware and mining bitcoins.


Coinpeak Limited is registered by the Companies House in England with the number, 10520643. Their registration is a mark to show that the company is legitimate and has the powers to carry out financial transactions for people. Apart from their accreditation by the Companies House, is also adjudged genuine by many other investors who have successfully withdrawn their benefits recently. Site’s Ease of Use looks like a business/professional site, and on the home page is an image of the company’s registration certificate. The site contains no advertisements from external sources and cookies are not used before the website visitor can enjoy a hitch-free browsing experience. The site must have been hosted on a large bandwidth because downloading links takes only a few seconds even when there is a heavy traffic from visitors around the world who are seeking extra means of survival.

New users can access without encountering any set back just like others have done in the past. Since all the links (including the sign-up and login) are working effectively, it is expected that it should not take more than a few minutes to successfully make a payment and begin to receive profits. works well on all laptops, desktops and mobile phones, so that even if you hardly find some time at home or in the office to manage your account, you can simply do so on your mobile device while waiting for a friend or at a bus stop.


Top Reasons to Join

Chances to Earn High – Coinpeak Limited presents five major investment plans with competitive rates of return. In today’s investment companies, it is quite difficult to come across such rewards especially if they are true. Each of the five plans requires a minimum of 0.001 BTC and a maximum of 1000 BTC for a start. The plan with the lowest rate of return is the one with 135% interest, which takes only one day to mature. Following this is the one with 300% profit for five days. If you want a higher percent increase, you may have to wait for 10 days after which your money will grow by 550%. If these returns on investment are too small for you, then you may have to wait for 20 days for 1100% increase. In case you don’t know, an 1100% increase is just like multiplying a given amount by 11. Hence, a person who has $10 should expect $110 after 20 days. This offers an easy way to get rich.

High Affiliate Commission

Apart from receiving earnings from deposits, another way to quickly amass wealth is by being an active affiliate. As an affiliate, your balance increases by 8% of whatever amount your invitee deposits. It doesn’t matter how many times this is done per day and your withdrawal requests can be as many as the number of times you invitees deposit funds.


Free Membership

Members join free of charge by doing a simple registration which only requires a valid email address, a password for logging in and a bitcoin account, which is also free to obtain.


Weekend and Holiday Profits

While you are at home resting on a Saturday or Sunday, the workers at do not rest. They work round the clock to take full advantage of market opportunities where they can make more profits. If you invest for the 135% bonus on a Friday for example, your earnings should be withdrawn on Saturday the following day.


Low Withdrawal amount

Withdrawals are processed when there is a minimum balance of 0.0001 BTC. The amount is low and anyone should be able to raise it within a short time.


Fast Withdrawal

After sending your withdrawal request, you can expect the amount to go straight to your bitcoin wallet. No need waiting for an extra hour; withdrawal requests are processed automatically.


Account Security

The internet community suffers a lot of cyber attacks including hacking and cracking, but Coinpeak has devised measures to limit this. They do not allow changing a bitcoin wallet or an email address because they feel that an intruder is capable of doing such a thing. However, if your case is genuine, you may send a mail to the customer support section for a final resolution of the matter. Nevertheless, there is DDoS protection and GeoTrust SSL services for the investment site.


Support customer support team work from the office at Francis Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom. However, if you find it impossible or hectic to be there, a phone call or an email to them should be more than enough. The phone number and email address are given on the support page, including a map that gives direction to the office.



Coinpeak’s high-interest rate is something anyone would love to benefit from. The company has assured the safety of investors’ funds and not a single person has complained of waiting too long for it. Notwithstanding, it is important to invest in things like this with some caution. Don’t invest all you have. Try to have a backup in case something bad happens.


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Aman Sayeed

yes we do not who is scammer who is real ,,but we always have an option to cover up our lose
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Afolabi Olukoya

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COINPEAK is a big SCAM. I tried to withdraw my money two times. Each time they claim to have transferred the money to my wallet but they never did. Please run away from COINPEAK and never invest your hard earned bitcoin with them. COINPEAK is a professional fraud.

neho okhuaihesuyi


Made several attempts to withdraw my investments and earnings , all to no avail.
Endless mails sent to admins, with no response yet they keep sending me mails about new investment deals on the website.

I wonder why people would take the pain to just setup a website to scam people of their hard earned funds?

Karma is real…..Capiche!!

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Jose Alfredo Lopez Reinoso
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Larion Serion Deona

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sobhan Mousazadeh

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