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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision. Review – We live in a world where people survive by helping each other. An in-depth analysis of the lives of those who are regarded as the rich will reveal that they never stand alone. People depend on each other; it may be your turn today and another man’s tomorrow and just like the golden rule explains, doing to others what you would want them to do to you is simply an investment in disguise. Payment Status: PAYING Review
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Plans: Turn 0.002 btc into 121 btc in 365 days. Coolfund Is The Most Astonishing Gift Donation Platform in History
Mode of Payment: Bitcoin


User Rating 4.14 (22 votes) comes with a package different from most other gift donation platforms. Unlike most so called donations where people find it difficult to give out the lowest donations, Coolfund requires a minimum of 0.002 btc (currently about $1.6) to put a smile on someone’s face.

Founded in 2016 and being decentralized, no one can actually claim true ownership of the site. In fact, donations are paid directly to your friend’s bitcoin address. It could be your mum, your dad, your sister, brother, aunt, uncle, granny or whosoever matters to you at any point.

The beauty of Coolfund is that your kind gesture can be reciprocated by others who don’t even know you. Once you initiate the process, others are attracted to give also to you. It’s like a chain reaction with the first members benefitting more from the program.

Overview of

Since it is just a donation platform which anyone should be able to access without difficulty, the site’s developers thought it wise to create an easy-to-use donation platform. The website is simple and can load on a desktop, a phone or any devise at all that can use the internet.

The first fascinating thing on the home page is an illustrative video of the benefits derivable from Coolfund. Going further down the page, you will see pictures showing the three requirements for benefiting from the system.

Cool fund has a support system for addressing any issue at all, no matter how trivial it may sound. It is hosted on a dedicated server to prevent account theft.

The website leaves no one in doubt about what to expect. The terms and conditions are not stiff and are just what any person understands about a donation program. The “how it works” link opens fast, just like other links on the site. The FAQ page contains answers to questions and can satisfy even the most curious person. In fact, by reading the FAQ and “how it works” pages, anyone who has never heard about online gift donation and a potential to amass wealth through it will have a thorough understanding about such a program.

Benefits of Joining

The Coolfund community is indeed the best donation platform in the world as it creates the possibility to get rich in few months. is changing the lives of people from every part of the world and even children are permitted to join with the consent of their parents. In fact, parents can register accounts for their children hoping that they receive donations for their schooling at whatever level. Earning 12.15 bitcoins in a few months over and over through a donation system can put an end to the stress of parents who struggle to provide for their children’s needs.

Other benefits of joining Coolfund include the following:

Member to Member Matrix

Coolfund brings like-minded people together and it also creates an opportunity for close pals to be more united. You can choose your own member to member matrix by distributing your referral links. This is efficient for a group of individuals with a common background such as a trade union, Parent Teacher Association in schools and church members.

Referral Link isn’t Actually Necessary

You are most welcome if your utmost intention to join the Coolfund community is to make money within months as this is actually very possible. In this case, you have no need to worry about getting a referral link before registration. This does not mean that Coolfund abhors the use of referral link; this method is an alternative for people who have no particular person at heart to donate to. Since it is strictly a peer to peer donation, you will be given an upline once you register on the site. You are given the same benefit whenever someone who has no referral link signs up on the site as the system will automatically give him or her an upline and this could be you. This means the first people to register and upgrade to the next level benefit the most from the program and this is normal. Coolfund admin has developed this strategy to enable very quick donations and the ease of members to be rich as well. The program is reliable and completely trustworthy.

No Admin Fees

The admin does not have anything to benefit from your donations. There is nothing like maintenance fees, transfer fees, upgrade fees or whatsoever. One team-One link strategy

Coolfund supports the one team-one link strategy to facilitate quick progress to the topmost level. If you have a site that witnesses high traffic or a blog/forum where you can draw a large group of people, you can convince others to join your matrix and Coolfund will give you all its support.

Instant Hash ID Approval

There is no need to wait for hours or days for your referee to approve your payment when going to the next level. Once you make a payment and submit the hash ID, the system will automatically approve your upgrade.

Fast Support

Cool Fund support works round the clock. It does not matter where you come from or your time zone. Expect quick responses from the team of customer representatives who have been equipped for your service.

Auto Spill Over

Once you have gotten three members as your direct invitees, the system automatically sends the other invitees from your link to other members in your matrix. This ensures fast and easy sail to the highest level where to get to enjoy a whopping 12.15 bitcoins.


Join now as delay could be dangerous. You have nothing to risk at all with just 0.002 bitcoins. Opening a bitcoin account is fast and easy and in case you don’t have one, you can get a free account on Remember that the early birds get the worm, joining in as soon as possible means that you will be among the first partakers of the profits.


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