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All balances were paid on May 26, 2018. Thank you for using our faucet.

Thank you.

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205 thoughts on “crypto-faucet

  1. Hi, sorry to hear the faucet has closed… I really liked this one! I have 973 satoshi in my account, how can I withdraw this? 12W147WNiDYHGTSLMThSTpKFhowS9BCkdF

  2. Thxxxs for all good years, i receipt my satoshis in Faucethub! and all excellent!!! Good luck to viral alert team!
    ¡Gracias TOTALES!:)

  3. Thank you for keeping us up to date on what is happening, I appreciate not being hung out to dry with your faucet

  4. So Sad, i have been a loyal claimers here for a years, a good faucet never scammed anybody abd know it is hard to maintain the lifespan of faucet since this faucets has no ads popup, i will always remember you anyway…hope someday you will emerge again…thanks for all the good years

  5. please pay before 12 midnight, faucethub wont allow me to withdraw untill next sunday if you dont. I want to invest in btcrush because you say they are legitamate I would use your referral link but its no profit to me. Please pay me soon I had no idea this would happen this site normally pays on time.

  6. how come no pay this time? normally you guys never let me down, Now you have me even questioning the site and your reviews.

  7. those who are saying that they are not getting their satoshis , Maybe their accounts are not on faucethub ,so create one with the same BTC address on faucethub , as I have been receiving my satoshis since day one without break and on time when ever they cross the 1000 mark

  8. Has just reached my minimum amount of 1000 satoshi, but awaiting for automatic withdrawal to my faucethub, how long will it take?

  9. since 2 days Solve Media not appear in entire web….i have clear cache and history, use different browsers, reset router / turn on and off modem but not solve the problem, only if i use VPN (Opera built in VPN) it will appear but im afraid will be blocked by the sites, maybe it is an IP issue, I dont know why Solve meida become so RACIST…i always honest and not greedy in claiming here and wherelese.Dear viral alert could you please conisder to add option to change Solvemedia captcha to recapchta or coinhive captcha…thanks

  10. Quero receber o meu pagamento automático conforme o dito por vocês. Tenho mais de 1,116 satochis e não recebi os mesmo em minha conta. O que está acontecendo????? Vejo vários comentários de usuários reclamando o pagamento por vocês devido. Isso não é um bom sinal.

  11. This Faucest is nice and cool,and not racist after i read review on Netbusinessrating, it is legit, one of the best faucets compare to other Racist faucet out there that block your ip with nasty host and accusing you using VPN/ tor proxies/ unknown error for no apparent reason, long live viral alert

  12. Cloud mining
    Adress : 1EkdAT4PgYb73NWA1uaBtjMtkGZtTRnmvn

    Invest 0.001 BTC & you get your investment back in just 10 days. 10% daily profit & 150 GHS

  13. Are you completely bad? No normal person can solve such a captcha. If you want people to use your Faucet, write the letters in the Captcha readable for the person. I want to send you a screenshot of your captcha, so you can see, but there’s no way to send it. There are no words to express!

  14. I complete capture and make claim but greeted with blank screen and socket did not open. Tried other browsers but have the same problem. Is it me or the site???

  15. Sorry to inform you that the timer is again constantly running for 30mins and restarts without me making a claim. Made 9 claims earlier today and now can not do anything. Please can you fix it.

  16. Admin, fix the stopwatch, it’s not working again, half an hour passes and immediately turns on again, the time to approval no.

  17. dear sir, i have mentioned here my another btc adddress while i am useing another btc address on now the problem is that i can not change my faucet address coz it has so many claim sites. kindly resolve my issue and tell me how i can take my balance in another btc address or if i cant take it then may i claim with my faucet btc address now? while i was claiming with my another btc address..kindly help me…..wud u adjest my last balance wid my new btc address with i am start now as it is wid faucet.oi

  18. please send my satoshis to my faucethub..I already have 1034’s almost 2 days still not sending to my faucethub…thanks

  19. timer not working properly every time without claim start timer and I do not claim last two days so you are requested to resolve it

  20. Second day – timer non-working, constantly counting down. Does not pass the captcha. Well at least the payoff came yesterday (0.00001483 BTC September 18, 2017 4:00 pm 18jYYVRnYHHQYZE98aPAtSVGHqqug2hMqh). Correct …..Crane good, I would like to HEAR. Thank you.

  21. Today I have the following problem – every time the timer ends, the page gets refreshed and new timer of 60 minutes begins. I can’t even try to solve a captcha and get some Satoshis

  22. Please help me. I haven’t claim any satoshis since yesterday. The time remaining always show I can’t claim yet. What happened? Am I not able to claim anymore?

  23. 13jXdBCzirDMmqnw8xHMuazYHn6dfEPui6
    The timer does not reset to zero. There is always a time left on the timer even though I have not gone on all day. Please check.

  24. Since today morning I am claiming satoshis from crypto faucet, but after the succesuly entering the captcha satoshi not credited to my account,

  25. Why are you not allowing to claim since this morning? Either timer don’t run or immediately after reaching 0. timer resets to 59:59 and we can’t claim entering the captcha and btc address. please fix this. thanks

  26. My address is 1PeZmuEVGdrGGGpoJ694VmBfKw51bA95Bf

    It is link to faucethub and my Bal is more than 1000 Satoshi but still no payout.

    Please do the needful

  27. My address is 36QNbUYZSpwjnxykpUSwtYXFixkKKdWy3e

    It is link to faucethub and my Bal is more than 1000 Satoshi but still no payout.

    Please help me.

  28. hi admin my balance is 1135 satoshi already so when you will pay
    my address is 1AJ2DxNEAQEKvd1r2w9msZedQpyDwuMEWt

  29. 0.8 доже каждые 3 минуты

    40 сатоши каждые 3 минуты

    650 даш каждые 3 минуты

    200 сатоши биткоин кэш каждые 3 минуты

  30. help me admin, my satoshi 1015 unpaid at wallet address 1JJQpH3qfUK548FasR7etgh4WzxCW93aYP
    and now a have faucethub this wallet address 14sBaYnQ3XE3aDUudQSPEuaango4p3VhGP

  31. write m not on Skype Seregik500. Will soon have its own mobile app with features such as: messages,
    – multi video calls,
    – sending files
    – demonstration of the screen
    – translator,
    – creation of chat rooms
    -integrated cryptocurrency wallet.

  32. hi. i was wondering if you have a referral program for the faucet. i could not find anything about it on the faucet page. thank you

  33. hi, Adm. i like your site and thank you for the payments made m. But i have a problem. I can´t solve “The Captcha”, i can´t read the words and I can not understand the words or numbers from “Solve Media”. I don´t know why change all. It´s very very difficult to me.

    1. We pay our users via faucethub. As per checking your account, you do not have faucethub account.

      Here’s the step you need to do.
      1. Go to and register.
      2. Under “User” tab, go to “User Dashboard”.
      3. Go to Wallet Addresses
      4. Enter you bitcoin wallet in the “Link a New Address” and select “Bitcoin” as currency.
      5. Then Click “Link this Address”.

      All payouts from viral-alert faucet will be sent to faucethub. And faucethub will be the one to send it to your bitcoin wallet.

      1. If not previously wearing a faucethub wallet, will the bitcoin be lost?
        And how to withdraw if now already have account in faucethub ?,
        this is wallet address 14sBaYnQ3XE3aDUudQSPEuaango4p3VhGP

  34. Good day viral-alert admin. I just want to ask about the payouts. Would you be so kind to clarify how the payouts are? Does it get paidout automatically when you reach 1000? Or does it get paid on a particular day of a week for those who has 1000 and more satoshis in their account? Thank you and hoping to hear from you.

    1. It does not get paidout automatically upon reaching 1,000 satoshi but it does get paid automatically everyday. There is no specific time about it but you can be sure to get paid everyday.

  35. I have reached 1,100 sats and it has not been paid out, may I humbly request an answer to my question of why?

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