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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision. is an investment program that seeks to multiply investors’ funds by putting them into useful work. comes with a difference. It is first of its kind in issuing a lifespan for its high-profit yielding program. From several reports also, it appears they are also the most genuine high yield investment programs. Payment Status: SCAM Review
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Summary has Depositing $1001 known as the Date 30 investment plan. It pays 5% daily for 30 days which brings the total returns to 150%. On the other hand, a date 50 plan requires the minimum amount of $25 which brings in 3% daily interest for 50 days. Investors are free to repeat the cycle as long as it is within the investment year, 2017. has turned into SCAM. Do Not Invest!

User Rating 3.67 (3 votes) is an investment program that is meant to last for one year only. It was launched on January 1, 2017, and they wish to keep running the program until December 31, 2017. The reason for this is that they want to minimize the risk of customers losing some money. In other words, has some reserve funds which is only capable of seeing them through the year in case more money does not come in as expected. is not a registered company yet. They are not in a hurry to do this and it is possible that they have decided not to do so because they are not likely to exceed one year in the industry.

Signing a deal with is like saying goodbye to poverty for at least one year. The company’s management knows that if only people could build up some funds within one year and then invest it into something tangible, more people across the world should be able to eat well. Besides providing needs for the coming year, the company also creates an opportunity for bitcoin owners to raise their funds by earning more bitcoins from their investments.

Overview of does not stress its users. The links are all working fine and they will direct you quickly to a different page.  With images that illustrate the purpose of the site in almost all the pages, anyone will be able to understand what the program offers.

If you want to know anything about, the first place to get adequate information is on the website. The website tells much about their identity as well.

The website also has a timer. The purpose of the timer is to remind all investors that their days of staying off the Internet counts down. The number of days, minutes and seconds left should help you in deciding when to invest.

Even though most high yield investment programs cannot be trusted, this one appears to have some credibility since everyone has the opportunity of gaining. Fixing the investment program for one year is also a strategy for every investor to avoid losses.

There are three languages in which the website was designed on; they include the Russian language, Philippines and English language. The addition of two other languages is to prevent people who don’t understand the English Language from making mistakes that they could have avoided if they knew other languages. The English Language is the default language but any user can change it by clicking Languages and choosing the preferred one. It appears the option for languages is hard to find but it is quite easier when you click the “DB_Track” link; the language link will appear along the same line as some other links but will be found at the farthest towards the right.

The News section is something else that makes the website inspiring. It is for the members and other aspiring ones to feel better about belonging to the company that aims to bring their financial goals to reality.

What Makes an Ideal Investment Company?

It has a Time Frame

Everybody who makes a financial target usually has a time frame for actualizing them. With Datebitcoin on board, it becomes easier for them to plan their targets within a calculated period of time.

The Honesty has appeared to be much more honest than most other investment sites. At least, the admin has said that members should not expect to see them operate beyond the current year, 2017. This possibly means they are not a part of the “hit and run technique “adopted by many high yield investments also known as HYIPs.  Besides this, they seemed to have impressed a lot of people by standing their ground not to obtain some legal documents including a certificate of incorporation. Their understanding about this is that the documents are not enough proof that a company will live to fulfill the dreams of its supporters.

Low Start-Up Fees

The minimum amount of money required to invest on the website is just $25.

No Registration Hassle

To avoid time-wasting and reduce stress, has devised another method for all its investors. If you want to benefit from them, the only thing required is to choose between one of the two investment plans and pay directly.

Direct deposit of Interest

As you won’t be having a member area where you should check your earnings and withdraw, Datebitcoin takes the pain of sending your profits straight to your online payment processor. No need to even write or send a mail regarding your next benefit since everything is automated. Profits are also paid out on weekends and on public holidays.

Multiple Payment Processors

Instead of sticking to just one payment processor, Datebitcoin has adopted the use of Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. These three online payment methods cover most regions worldwide so that anyone interested in Datebitcoin’s strategy can do so without encountering any difficult.

High-Profit Potential

Every active depositor on Datebitcoin is on the verge of earning 150% return on investment before the end of two months. In fact, the length of time required to earn this reduces to one month if one decides to deposit up to $1001. Depositing $1001 is known as the Date 30 investment plan because it pays 5% daily for 30 days which brings the total returns to 150%. On the other hand, a date 50 plan requires the minimum amount of $25 which brings in 3% daily interest for 50 days. Investors are free to repeat the cycle as long as it is within the investment year, 2017.

Support cares about its customers to the extent that they have introduced a Skype contact in addition to the email address already dedicated for customer queries. All inquiries are taken as a major task and replied to as fast as they can. Replies are usually made within hours.

More Ways to Earn

Apart from depositing your money, offers two other ways by which anybody can earn as well, whether the person has an active deposit or not. Affiliate/Referral Bonus

The Affiliate bonus reward plans are 5% and 2% for steps one and two respectively. Step 1 refers to those referrals gotten directly by the owner of the affiliate account while step 2 referral bonuses are for those whose invitees are also succeeding in registering new investors. It is possible for a single person to earn the two bonuses simultaneously.

Anybody can also enjoy the referral bonus. The only requirement is the referral link with which you shall be inviting your friend and you can start this by signing through the affiliate link at the top of the website page. Again, payments are sent straight to the owner’s payment processor.

The Earn Free Strategy

The Earn-Free strategy is a program for members to earn through their Facebook accounts. It is also for those who don’t have up to $25 to invest but still want to take advantage of Datebitcoin’s methods. If you have a Facebook account that is not less than a year old and you have at least 500 friends, it means you can add $1.5 daily to your bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin is the preferred mode of payment for the Earn Free strategy. The beauty about this program is that recruits can quickly get affiliates. To get started with this, you will have to send an email to the admin and wait for a response. Make sure your Facebook account is not a new one and that it has a genuine profile page.


Make out time to invest in today. Don’t forget you should not make deposits higher than what you can lose if things fail to work out as planned. This rule applies to every investment and business establishment. has turned into SCAM. Do Not Invest!

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