Earn Money with FissionCoin No Investment Needed

I’m going to show you about a program that will let you earn money without investment. Just follow the step by step guide below.

How to earn money for FREE?

1:  Register using this link https://goo.gl/ti9akR. After you have registered, you can earn free coins by verifying your email, phone number and social account. After these verifications, you will receive free coins, plus 1 FCB from us too.


2: Go to Mining Activities -> Manual Mining. Select Gold Mining as your mining site and the social network. You will visit a social network link and you must click on the other link in the post. See  this example.

After this your coins will be added to your account.So after the first 10 minutes  you will receive 10 coins from the FissionCoin and from us. One coin’s price is now $0,0109-$0,0116 depends on the kind of it (Bronze, Silver, Gold), so you earned $0,11 in some minutes.You can make 4 coin, every day as a verified member with the Manual Mining and with the extra coins from us. After 10 days you will have 50 coins and maybe you won the daily 10 coins what we’re giving every day to one randomly picked active member. So on the 10th day you will receive 50 FCB so you can start to invest and Automatic Mining.


3: Exchange your Silver and Gold coins to Bronze! Goto My Fission Wallets – FissionCoin Exchange and exchange them. Now, I suggest to invest all your coins (follow the instructions Miner Guide – Automatic Mining). With 100 coin investment you will receive 3 coin daily and you can earn the extra 5,5 (because now you’re a verified member you will receive 4,5 for mining and +1 from us). So with this 8,5 coin you’ll earn almost $0,1 every day and you can buy new pack of investment in every 10-9-8… days.So how much can you earn with this method on the fors month? $3-$4 depend on, how many times you will win the extra 10 FCB from us and how many investments you will make. At the end of 2nd month you will have 10 investments (Fission keys) so you will earn more than $0,3 worth of coins daily with your investments and $0,06 worth of coins with mining daily.

Don’t forget, that you don’t have to invest any $ to reach this! If you have question about FissionCoin, leave your comment below.

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