Evitan.io Review – Save 40% from now in the ICO. Invite others and Gain up to 12.5%


Evitan.io Review –  The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Evitan.io Review
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Evitan is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure, or payment processing.

Added to Database: January 12, 2018

Evitan.io is a site that features the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of an upcoming crypto coin known as EVNcoin. Those behind the creation of the new coin have come at a time when the use of fiat money is gradually becoming unaccepted by many people. With the addition of the EVNcoin, the ease of using cryptocurrencies will be more pronounced.

There are hopes to have the coin listed on popular exchanges so that people can trade them. Deliberate actions are being made to include the coin on Litbit.eu, Yobit.net, Coinexchange.io, and Cryptopia.

The new coin will be used on any device to perform financial transactions of any kind and to any extent at top speed.

Evitan.io Overview

What is being Sold?

Evitan has just launched the sales of the Evitan (EVNcoin) in its ICO. The ICO was launched on January 5, 2018, and will most likely continue till February 5, 2018, if the maximum supply of 25 million coins doesn’t finish until then. With up to three weeks to go and close to 2 million coins sold, the sales will likely not end before then. We, therefore, encourage you to take your time to plan for it, especially as it concerns raising funds to buy the coins. Buying little or much of it should depend on how much you can spare.



One EVNcoin is currently valued at $1.50. This coin can be purchased with Bitcoin at discount rates, but not after 6.5 million of the coins have been sold.

As a way of encouraging people to buy, Evitan started the sales at the rate of $0.75 per coin. The discount is expected to drop as more coins are being sold. The ICO price and discount are given below:

  • 50% reduction in the price when sales are between 0 and 0.5 million. The coins were sold at the price of $0.75 during the period
  • 40% reduction in the price when sales are between 0.5 million and 2 million. The price of EVNcoin for the period is $0.90
  • 30% reduction in the price when sales are between 2.0 and 3.5 million. The price during this period will be $1.05
  • A discount of 20% when sales have reached 3.5 to 5.0 million. This corresponds to $1.2 per coin.
  • 10% discount will begin to apply when 5.0 to 6.5 million coins are being sold. Then, clients will purchase at $1.35 per coin.
  • Just as soon as 6.5 million coins are sold, there will be no further discounts for the coin and interested owners will buy one EVNcoin for $1.5. This will continue until the end of the ICO on February 5, 2018.


What Next After the Sales?

The Evitan group does not have a maximum or minimum revenue cap for the ICO. With effective planning, they believe that they can make do with whatever they realize. 30% will be used for developments while 48% will be channeled for marketing. 10% of the money realized will be reserved for the company, while the founders will have 12% for executive functions.


The Road map

The first step in the creation of the EVNcoin has been taken already. This ICO will continue until February 5. Two days later (on February 7), the lending program will kick off in earnest. By March 6, the company is expected to have launched the web and desktop windows versions of the wallet. Linux and Mac users will be able to get their own wallets on March 20, and this will be after March 10 when the coin should already be in the coin directory, Coinmarketcap. By July 11, the organizers hope that EVNcoin will be among the first 20 most sought-after coins. The aim is to make it ready as a payment system by December 11, 2018.


Evitan.io Benefits

Affiliate Program

Inviting buyers during the ICO has a way of fattening your pockets. Your referrals in the first level will fetch you 10% of whatever amount they spend on buying the coins. Other incentives are 8%, 3%, 1% and 0.5% from levels 2 to 5 respectively.


Cheap and Affordable

Both buying the coin and using it as a means of exchange is cheap and affordable. Only 5% per year will be charged as interest for using the POS.


Big Earning Potentials

The EVNcoin will fetch profits to every owner when it is traded, staked, invested or mined. Mining the coin will be possible since it follows the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.


24/7 support

The support team is always available to help out when you face any challenge. They can be reached via two emails—support (at) evitan.io and info (at) evitan.io. They also have message form, which you can use directly from the website. An online chat may be the most preferred support channel when you want fast answers.


The Evitan.io Team

The team is made up of experienced men and women in Blockchain technology. They include Benjamin Hayes who is the founder and CEO, Nataly Morozova (the Blockchain marketing manager), Platon Gromov (the chief financial officer) and Anjour Dogdome (business development executive)


Evitan.io Conclusion

Investing in cryptocurrencies is fast becoming the major trend; that makes buying some EVNcoins worthwhile. The cost of the coin in this ICO is not high, meaning you can get as many as you would want. With a maximum target of 12 months from now to be one of the majors in financing businesses, the popularity of the coin is expected to grow at a fast rate. We, therefore, recommend this opportunity to you especially if you have got some spare funds.





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