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EZinvest, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

EZinvest Review
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EZinvest is an all-in-one kind of forex and assets trading platform. It is actually a recent branch of the WIN Group which they have launched especially for young and inexperienced traders. In other words, if you are a fresh trader having zero experience, EZinvest is your place to invest.

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EZinvest Payment Status: LEGIT and PAYING

Do you really have what it takes to be the right amount to invest? Are you a person who is ambitious enough to invest a fraction of his savings into trading assets? Have you also been trying to find a clean and one hundred percent risk-free trading platform? Think of the answers in your head if it’s a “YES”, congratulations, you’ve landed at the right place. What we can do for you right now, is to converge all your thoughts to a single trading platform which is the perfect one. We are talking about EZinvest trading platform. Let’s show you what the EZinvest legit trading platform is and how does it work in the next section.

Ezinvest Review Forex 3


What Is EZinvest? Is it Regulated?

The very first question which arises after hearing about any forex trading platform is whether or not it is regulated. We’ll come to that after we’ve provided you with a proper introduction of EZinvest.com.

Owned, operated and regulated by a multinational forex trading chain, known as the WIN Group, EZinvest is an all-in-one kind of forex and assets trading platform. It is actually a recent branch of the WIN Group which they have launched especially for young and inexperienced traders. In other words, if you are a fresh trader having zero experience, EZinvest.com is your place to invest.

EZinvest, aka the only social trading platform which exploits the latest and most advanced techniques to make you profits from your trading. With its exposure in the market and top-notch reputation, it is very easy for the young traders to understand the platform and make it useful within a few minutes. Here’s the deal, the moment you are done reading this EZinvest review, we bet you’ll have memorized every single detail without even trying to memorize it. It’s this easy!

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Young traders finish their thoughts by saying that online forex trading was never so easier, profitable and secure until EZinvest came to rescue. EZinvest has been changing people’s lives since the year 2013 and since then, not even a single person has filed a complaint against it. It is due to the remarkable reputation of EZinvest that we decided to cover it up in our latest EZinvest review.

EZinvest.com is the only profitable online trading platform for beginners where they can trade in any asset they want to invest into. Let’s show you in which assets you can trade:

  1. Forex Trading Assets.
  2. Several Currency Commodities.
  3. Foreign and Local Stock Exchanges.
  4. CFDs.

Under every category mentioned above, there are dozens of subcategories which provide you with a variety of choices to choose from. Don’t you worry about your investment because you’ll only invest in your desired commodity.

Let me direct your focus to the point where you ask as whether it is regulated or not. During our investigation, we found multiple proofs which confirm the legitimacy of EZinvest trading platform. Before you go any further, look at the image attached below. It is a proof from the CySEC regulatory authority which is responsible for issuing the licences to trade at this level.

Ezinvest Review Forex 2

There is another proof which totally openly claims that “EZinvest is a legitimate social trading platform”. Being registered is sometimes not enough to declare whether a firm is black or white. There is a certificate which confirms whether an online trading firm is functional or not. Below is a proof which shows that only EZinvest is legit, but also it is positively functional and it is a thriving platform.

Ezinvest Review Forex 1


Why EZinvest? Why You Should Invest in it?  

There are dozens of reasons as why you should trust EZinvest.com and why should you invest in it.

A few of them are:

    1. Ease of use.
    2. Social Trading.
  • Making money hands free on autopilot

  1. Comprehensive business plan.
  2. Easy to use resources.
  3. Professional guidance at each and every step.
  4. Transparency in trade.
  5. Security of your funds.
  6. Flexibility and convenience.

Even there is more! The EZinvest has introduced its very own SIRIX webtrader. It is a browser based tool so you need not to download it anywhere. Just fire up the browser and you can monitor your daily tradings just by one-click login detail. Here’s a list of what you will be seeing after signing up for SIRIX:

  1. Order executions.
  2. Detailed charts and graphs.
  3. Opening and closing trades.
  4. Settings to set stops and losses.
  5. Charting options.
  6. All your deposits and revenues.
  7. User friendly trading environment.

Tip for Experienced Traders:

If you are a newbie trader, having yourself made aware of the trading using SIRIX is perfectly fine. You need nothing else to do.

But, if you are an experienced trader and you also want to learn something new by looking the way it works, you can synchronize your SIRIX account with MetaTrader4 online trading autobot by downloading it on your mobile or computer.


Final Verdict:

Of course, there is no second opinion in announcing that EZinvest is an authentic social trading platform. Not only it’s a legitimate trading firm, but also it is risk free and secure which makes it even more desirable. We have covered every aspect in our latest EZinvest review and we are looking forward to bring such authentic platforms to light for our honorable readers.

Ezinvest Review Try it now

Minimum deposit is $250. Email us at [email protected] and we will tell you what to do to be able to make money with eZinvest. Please do not signup at all if you don’t have enough money to invest.

If you have question about EZinvest.com, please send us a message or comment below with any questions! We are glad to help.

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i need someone to put me through please and hope it’s legit?

Govind R

its a Scam this link is redirecting to someother links please change to scam not paying

rekha nama

I didnt understand how this website works anyboday can help me

N. L.

They DON’T accept U. S. citizens just so you know!


No one replied me when I sent the email or Ezinvest is not working again?


Can I set an automatic trading?


Ezinvest is not the cheapest place on market but is safe. Offer not bad conditions to trade.

Ben Winter

I just wanted to say that eZinvest is the best thing ever. I was able to recover 35% of my money that I lost with quantumhash.net scam in 6 days so far. Thank you Ronald.

Joseph Keeton

Hi, Thanks, mate! I love it! A lot better than the hyips. I deposited $300 when you published the review as I was desperate to make money and my account so far is is $370! Thank you so much.



Hi can you help me how did you do it I know nothing about forex trading please tell me how to use and what’s the profit percentage per day

Joseph Keeton

I followed the recommendation of the admins. He gave me the traders to follow. Email him and he will set you up after you open your account and make a deposit.

Magdalena Villarta

How much is the minimum investment? I willnjustvtry how it works I am very interested know about trading

Joseph Keeton

To start with, you have to deposit at least $250 to your account. Just follow what the admin is going to recommend.

Ely L.


Are you all referring to the Admin of this site “viral-alert.com”? Thanks in advance.


Which admins?

Connect me

Darlene Delmonte

Hi Joseph, are you following the traders that admin Ronald gave you or some others too? I’ve only made $137.5 so far after 48 hours.


Did you trade yourself?