Fflakmining.com Review (SCAM) – Paying 1.1% per day in Bitcoins

Fflakmining.com Review

Fflakmining.com, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Fflakmining.com Payment Status: SCAM!

Fflakmining.com Review
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Fflakmining.com investment plans are $10 per 100 GH/s for BitcoinCash SHA-256 and pays 0.9% per day, $12 per MH/s for Litecoin Scrypt, $10 per 100 GH/s for Bitcoin BTC and pays 1.1% daily and $20 per MH/s for Ethereum ETh and pays 0.9% per day.

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Fflakmining.com is one of the fastest growing cloud mining service providers in the world. This is no reason to doubt it because that they have data centers in more than one location. Another contributing factor to their popularity is the crop of leaders the company has. The leaders work as a team and function in different capacities such as mining manager, support manager, and CEO. These leaders are graduates in many professional fields such as electrical engineering.

Fflakmining.com provides Blockchain solutions. Apart from developing their own mining farms, Fflakmining.com also helps other startups to achieve the same feat. To them, this is another area of making money for the company. In the past, and even up till now, Fflakmining.com (also known as Cointech Ltd) has successfully launched crypto exchange sites, payment systems, ASIC miners, ASIC chips, and Blockchain based file systems. Special thanks to the experienced programmers and software developers in the company.

Fflakmining.com is based in Hong Kong, China. They can be found at The New World Tower, 16 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong.


Fflakmining.com Overview

Despite the fact that the company is Chinese, the texts on the site are written in English so as to cover a wider range of interested participants. On the home page are the faces of those who are behind the company’s operations. You can view their qualifications there to determine if they are fit for what a company like this entails. The Vimeo video on the home page is another good thing we can find here. Some people feel more relaxed watching a video tutorial than reading texts so if you are one of them, feel free to visit for a two-minute video description of Fflakmining.com.

Indeed, Fflakmining.com makes mining easier. The possibility of not being fully aware of what to expect before joining is reduced by the presence of a profit calculator on the site. There is also a detailed FAQ page that addresses some of the topmost concerns of cryptocurrency investors.


Fflakmining.com Benefits

Make More Dollars

You can make more dollars from Fflakmining.com because they have reasonable payout plans as follows:

  • BitcoinCash SHA-256:  This investment costs $10 per 100 GH/s and pays 0.9% per day. Investing $10 today guarantees you of having $0.09 by the same time tomorrow.
  • Litecoin Scrypt: This costs $12 per MH/s. Fflakmining.com has not released the interest rate of this package yet
  • Bitcoin BTC: This costs $10 per 100 GH/s. It pays 1.1% daily so investing $10 today means you will get $0.11 tomorrow.
  • Ethereum ETH: This costs $20 per MH/s and pays 0.9% per day.

As you can see, Fflakmining.com mines several cryptocurrencies. That means you have a choice to choose which one you want to earn at any particular time.


100% Uptime

Fflakmining.com runs on a dedicated server to ensure 100% uptime capacity. This is giving all its numerous clients the opportunity to earn every second. Fflakmining.com has promised to compensate for any loss that may be gotten as a result of a breakdown in the site’s availability.


Money Back Guarantee

Fflakmining.com’s money back policy states that your money will be returned in full if you don’t get your first profits 24 hours after your deposit. This assurance could mean that Fflakmining.com is completely risk-free.


Free Trial

Fflakmining.com knows that this may be the first time you are getting acquainted with something like this. As a result, they have included some free money for anyone who wants to join to test how it works for 15 days. If the person using the free account upgrades within 15 days, he or she will be opportune to also enjoy the benefits gathered during the free trial period.


Three-Year Contract

All the plans listed on Fflakmining.com will last for three years, provided the company remains profitable. There is a possibility that the program will last long because the interest rates offered by Fflakmining.com are not looking outrageous.


Low Withdrawal Balance

Fflakmining.com has a minimum withdrawal balance of 0.001 BTC only. For transactions above 0.005 BTC, no withdrawal fee applies. However, a small withdrawal fee of 0.000096 BTC only will be charged if you want to withdraw anything less than 0.005 BTC. You can withdraw your funds anytime and any day.



Fflakmining.com has an investment strategy that looks promising. With several cryptocurrencies to mine, this is a good opportunity to earn and save money in different ways. Investing here will cost you almost nothing as you can start with only $10. Don’t forget there is a trial period of 15 days (with free money) waiting for you if you answer the invitation today.





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Scam.. fflakmining scam… my money lose… site down

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Dns server of fflakmining not found. Scam.

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Can’t open the website… is it the end?