Viral Alert is giving away free satoshi to faucetbox through claiming "FREE Satoshi". You can get 300 satoshi every 30 minutes. 300 satoshi = 0.00000300btc

Watch the Video on how to Claim Credits

Get your Free Satoshi. Follow the sequence below!

Claiming satoshi is very easy. Just enter your bitcoin wallet address in the box where it says "Enter your wallet address". Then, solve the captcha and look for the button "GET FREE SATOSHI". 15,000 satoshi balance is required to get payout to faucetbox.

1. Enter your wallet address

Once the required satoshi is accumulated, our system will automatically send the acquired satoshi to your faucetbox wallet. Immediately, the satoshi will appear to your faucetbox. Congratulations! you get a FREE SATOSHI.

2. Solve the two Captchas

What is nine - 5 = ?

If you want your satoshi grow even bigger, invite your family, friends and colleagues using your referral link . You will get 20% from every satoshi your referral has made. For example, you have a friend who use your referral link and has claimed 300 satoshi. By the time your referral get 300 satoshi you will also get 200 satoshi. If you have many friends who will join under you, your satoshi will grow faster.

3. Claim your Free Credit

And not only that, there will be a time that we are going to give T-shirts, Iphones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy, Laptops and other gadgets.

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