French Newspaper called President Duterte a “Serial Killer”

The Malacañang criticized a french newspaper which labelled President Rodrigo Duterte a “Serial Killer”

The Malacañang called the banner page of a french newspaper released on October 7th “irresponsible” and “without understanding on the true situation in the Philippines” on the front page of Liberation. A newspaper based in France. President Duterte was labeled a “Serial Killer” because of the increasing number of drug related killings in the country. Also mentioned on the page is President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement against U.S. President Barack Obama and other state leaders. The newspaper’s banner earned criticisms from President Duterte’s Supporters.

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Meanwhile, Malacañang is not affected of actress Agot Isidro’s post on social media calling President Duterte a “psychopath”. According to the actress’s facebook post, this is because of the President’s statement against the U.S.A, the European Union and the United Nations and his statement that is not worried if they would withdraw their assistance for the Philippines.

According to Presidential Spokesperson Sec Ernesto Abella, although Isidro has the right to express her opinion, there is also need to understand the president’s call to the Filipinos not to depend on the aid coming from other countries which is feared by many to be lost. He says the Filipinos must have the capability to stand on our own feet.

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President Duterte has previously said that there is no stopping him from his intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

President Duterte says “So I do not expect the Human Rights. I do not expect Obama. I do not expect the EU to understand me. Do not understand me. And if you think it is high time for you guys to withdraw your assistance, go ahead. We will not beg for it. We have a problem here trying to preserve our society and you mess up by human rights-human rights. You even threated us with your assistance.”

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