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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: SCAM! NOT PAYING.. Review
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Summary has an investment plan of 1.2% daily for 60 days, 1.4% daily for 120 days, 600% after 60 days, 1700% after 120 days, 320% after 18 days and 960% after 38 days. The minimum investment is 10 USD and the referral commission is 2%.

Added to Database: April 29, 2017
Our Investment: $100

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One of the bad characteristics of scam sites is that they barely live up to four weeks. However, here is a website that has withstood the test of time, surpassing all the financial challenges in the months of 2015, 2016 and 2017. is also known by the name, the Force of Experience. It started on March 18, 2015 when people disbelieved it could make it especially as a high profit yielding site. Its main strengths are in the Forex and the cryptocurrency markets where it is ranked among the highest profit makers of all time. — Force of Experience is based in the UK. Its address is at 8 Duncannon Street, London, United Kingdom. It is registered with the number, 10664240 and bears the name Investellect LTD on its certificate of incorporation. If — Force of Experience has been online for over 770 days, then one must be compelled to believe that it has a lot of experienced marketers, economists and traders who are capable of generating profits consistently.


Overview of — Force of Experience

The home page is quite attractive and has a unique background. You can see currency pairs and their prices running from right to left in green and red colors. Currency pairs like this are associated with the Forex market so it is possible that the team of traders wants the website visitors to know on their first visit to the site that there are experts in Forex who are just waiting to serve. The investment plans and their interest rates are also given. You can scroll left or right to properly digest the information given here. Calculating profits and making deposits is easy from this page too. If you would love to know how much you stand to gain before opening an account, simply click on “Calculate Profit” and you are there.


Benefits of—Force of Experience

Referral Commission

Every referral is entitled to 2% of what their invitees deposit. This does not happen just once; you can earn severally from a particular friend of yours if he deposits multiple times into his investment account. To make the work easier for investors, — Force of Experience has prepared links and banners of various sizes that are catchy. Once you post them on your social media pages, you are surely going to attract lots of interested investors.


High Investment Interest Rates

Unlike so many other sites like — Force of Experience that has lasted quite long online, this particular HYIP has some attractive interest rates. Some investment plans accrue benefits on a daily basis while some others pay both the interest and the capital after an investment period. This variety is to give every investor that flexibility that he or she wants in making choices that are profit-yielding. On the daily plans, you can make a choice between the Standard and the Professional Daily Plans. The Standard Daily plan pays 1.2% daily for 60 days while the professional one pays 1.4% daily for 120 days. The difference between the two is in their minimum investment amount which is $10 and $3000 respectively. Profits are shared even on weekends and public holidays and investors who choose any of these daily plans will have their principal back at the end of the investment period.

There are four different long term plans on the site. They are called Intelligent Accumulation 1, Intelligent Accumulation 2, VIP and VIP+. These pay 600% after 60 days, 1700% after 120 days, 320% after 18 days and 960% after 38 days respectively. Unlike the Daily plans, the long term plans count only on business days.


Invest with only $10

The simplest plan requires just $10 for a deposit. Students and stay-at-home mums can easily afford this amount. If — Force of Experience has been online since 2015, then you can imagine how much benefit you would have gained by simply investing this little amount and gaining 1.2% daily from it for the past two years.


Multiple Payment Systems — Force of Experience accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Payza. You can deposit and withdraw your money through any of these. This variety means you have more options to invest and earn.


Social Media Presence — Force of Experience is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and VK. This means that they are watched on every side by many spectators who will be quick to criticize it when it stops paying. You are allowed to follow them on these media and make appropriate comments where necessary. If it pays promptly, the best you can do to encourage the owners is to say it aloud so that they can have more followers. The more — Force of Experience continues to grow, the better it is for all its partners and investors.


Customer Care

The customer care is doing very well. They can be reached on the phone between 10.00 AM and 2.00 PM UK time. You may also want to send them an email which will be replied to within 24 hours. Apart from these two, you also have a choice to send a query by filling the support form.


Security — Force of Experience has lasted all these years without any complaint of missing funds by its investors. This is because they have hired the best hands in website security. Some of their contacts in this regard include GeoTrust, Trustwave, Digicert and Norton.



Investing in — Force of Experience is worth it. The site is really good and it has some investment plans that one can easily afford. There is a low risk on investing in and we hope that you capitalize on their years of experience. Always remember to invest an amount you can risk. This rule applies to every business, and not just to high profit yielding sites. is a SCAM! It’s stopped paying…



Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

The published article on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.

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Crypto Noob
Guys, Investellect is NOT paying. Anyone who says it is is lying and are probably part of the scam as well. I’ve tried making multiple withdrawals and each one was pending for more than 6 days before I tried again. Support will not help, I’ve sent multiple emails with no luck. The site ambassadors also confirmed with me that they have stopped paying them as well. We have to reach out to some sort of investigator or something to try and get our money back. This site has scammed millions from everyone combined and they shouldn’t just be able to… Read more »
Mohsin taj

Plz give me withdraw

Guest are definitely not paying. I invested $1000 in the daily plan and they stopped paying $17.87 on the 24th December. I invested $10,000 in the VIP plan which matured on the 24th December and they havd paid out none of my payment requests. They do not answer phone or e-mails.


Guys we need to make a group or something where we can all discuss and see what can we do about to get our money back! This website scammed 100 of thousand people and took millions and we all are just crying and saying I lost my money.

We didnt lose anythig, the money has to be somewhere, there are departments that can help us we all just keeping quiet.

Mohsin taj

S your right

Everyday paying me instantly…


I’m waiting for my payment 4 days long.
It’s a scam


Guys they do NOT pay. Be prepared to loose all your money.
It has been more than 2 week I have NOT got my money back. Its a scam.

Have not withdrawn money from 22 onwards.


Received Payment 5.1 USD from account U13487922 to account U13996708. Batch: Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Bayezid111 from Investellect – Force Of Experience.
I received my payment instantly


**** Fraud Fraud Fraud ! ! !*****
I deposit 50usd two days a go. i never get the money to my account and their is no one to speak with!!! online chat feature doesnt work and no answer by email! BE AWARE!