James Dunn : 22-year-old boy with severe skin condition enjoys life

James Dunn, 22, may be suffering from what doctors call Epidermolysis Bullosa but to him, this is not the worst case in life. Although he has to be wrapped in bandage up to his neck everyday to prevent sharp pains equivalent to third degree burns, he has decided to stay positive and live like every other person.

Source: Youtube

James Dunn goes around on a wheel chair and is determined to fulfill his dreams even though he has a short life expectation. The inspirational 22 year old says “When you achieve something that you have always wanted to do, it makes you think the sky is your limit. Sometimes you can do anything you put your mind to”. He aims to fly across countries in the future with no help from anyone.

His hobbies include watching TV and photography. He credits his sustenance to his mum whom he calls his best friend. His mum, Lesley Dunn, gave up her work to concentrate on taking care of him. He also gets care and treatment from his brother-in- law and sister.

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