Jaybee Sebastian to sue De Lima for disclosing his identity as drug asset

Jaybee Sebastian is filing charges against De Lima.

High profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian is determined to file charges against Senator Leila De Lima for disclosing his identity as a drug asset during the senate hearing on Bilibid Drug Trade. Sebastian argues that the disclosure of his identity resulted in a riot inside the Bilibid wherein he was nearly killed.

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He also accuses Leila De Lima for violating anti-torture act 2009 when the latter included Sebastian in a solitary confinement in building 14 of the new bilibid prison when De Lima was still justice secretary. This prompt Sebastian camp to file charges against the lady Senator.

Atty: Eduardo Ariba said “He should not be sent to building 14 because his life is in danger. Because when the Maximum Security Compound was raided, and because bilibid 19 was brought to the NBI there were a lot of contrabands and illegal drugs confiscated in the Maximum Security Compound, the person pointed as the one who implicated Sen. De Lima was Jaybee Sebastian.”

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Sebastian’s Laywer Atty. Eduardo Ariba explains that De Lima still insisted the transfer of Sebastian despite of his pleading because of threats to his life. Sebastian claimed he was left alone inside’s detention for a month which led to mental torture. Ariba further says if only Sebastian was not transferred his life would not have been put in jeopardy.

Attty Ariba said “It even got worse when it was announced that he is indeed an asset. Under the law, if you are a government asset, under whatever circumstance, it should not be disclosed because the asset’s security would be jeopardized.”

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However the complaints were not filed today because Sebastian’s wife Roxanne was not able to arrive for the filing. Since Jaybee is a high profile inmate his wife will be filing the charges on his behalf. Aside from charges under the anti-torture act, Jaybee’s camp also filed anti-graft and corruption complaints against De Lima.