Jen Bricker : an inspirational athlete born without legs

Jen Bricker, 27, is an inspirational athlete born without legs. Her lack of legs can be attributed to a genetic birth defect. Jen grew up to like gymnastics as she idolized Moceanu whom she later discovered to be her sister.

Source: Youtube

The discovery came shortly after she won the gymnastic competitions at state level. Dominique Moceanu was also doing well in the same sport. Jen says she was drawn to gymnastics at the age of six after watching Moceanu perform at the Olympics as a young girl.

Jen now discovers that apart from gymnastics, she shares other peculiar qualities with Moceanu and her other sister, Christina. Jen was separated from her sisters after her adoption but realized just before she marked her 16th birthday that her last name before her adoption was Moceanu.

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