Looking for Chill and Fame: The Adventurers of the Antarctica

Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the Earth and characterized by the presence of ice and extreme cold conditions. Despite its extreme weather conditions, some UK adventurers have made history to be the first Brits to free-dive in the area.

Source: Youtube

Will Glendinning embarked on the journey at the age of 40 with his friend Dave Crump and four other crew members. They sailed to Marguerite Bay from Puerto Williams (the most southern city in the world) for four days and four nights, after which they had to embark on another journey to land for six days and six nights. According to Will Glendinning, no amount of pictures will be able to describe their observations.

The major attribute of the Antarctica is the presence of icebergs. Some icebergs are as big as countries and divers have to be very careful to avoid being crushed. Will Glendinning and his team are now among the only ten who have successfully free-dived in the Antarctica.

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