Michelle Obama and James Corden Behave Extremely Unusual in Their Carpool Karaoke

James Corden, a fun loving guy, always wants to chat and have a good relationship with people. Just recently, he got in contact with a very important person anyone would love to meet.

Source: Trendspotters, Youtube

James Corden was surprised to see Michelle Obama reach for the seat beside him. There was no prior notice so James wasn’t expecting the visit. Michelle appeared because she was less busy and decided to take James around the White House. The two of them enjoyed Stevie Wonder songs as they drove.

The two discussed many topics including the things they saw around the White House. They also talked about sandwiches, Beyonce and secret service code names. They also talked about the latest Michelle Obama campaign—“Let Girls Learn”, which is aimed at providing education for about 62 million uneducated girls in the world.

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