Mirocana.com Review – First Artificial Intelligence powered system for investors

Mirocana.com Review

Mirocana.com, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Mirocana.com Investment Type: ICO

Mirocana.com Review
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Mirocana.com is a better way to save yourself from the trauma of losing your hard earned money. Even though the program is free of charge now (after purchasing some Miros), the company is going to change this status after the presale ends. By then, interested participants would have to pay at least 25% of the profits Mirocana will help them realize.

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Mirocana.com is a website owned by Mirocana, which was founded by George Petrov. George Petrov was disturbed by the rising increase in the losses people had every year from their stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies so he decided to introduce a more dependable investment strategy that works on artificial intelligence. That means that Mirocana gives you a higher chance of winning since the market prediction is not based on an individual’s knowledge.

Mirocana.com is different from other investment sites in the sense that they don’t have access to your money. You create an account with any of their supported brokers/exchange sites and grant them trading rights to it. The money in question belongs to you and Mirocana.com cannot withdraw anything from your account. They will only liaise with your broker for the rights to trade with it.

Mirocana.com is deemed to be more successful than investing your money with a trader. This is because they use a lot of predictive tools that analyze the market in the short, medium and long term. They will only take a move if the predictions in these periods are the same.

At the moment, the service is free of charge. However, George Petrov is compensated when you purchase some Miros. A Miro is a token that will soon become another digital currency in the future. George’s aim is to use this service to get a robust sale of his tokens so only those who have the tokens will get the free prediction and investment service. More of how this benefits George and his clients will be given in subsequent paragraphs of this review.


Mirocana.com Overview

The site shows the pictures and qualifications of the people that are making it work at Mirocana. It also shows their contact details so that you can have a private chat with them through Facebook or/and LinkedIn. Some of their leaders are trained in programming, machine learning, web designing, marketing and law. Apart from those in the team, they also work with notable figures in the Blockchain industry. They are in close contact with Dennis Efremov (Vice President at Da Vinci Capital), Justin Jovanovic (chief operating officer at InvestFeed), Alexander Medvedev (Founder of Alpago Inc.) and George Baziladze (Co-founder and CEO of CryptoPay) among others.

It may interest you to know that Mirocana has offices in many places but its headquarters is in Saint-Petersburg Russia. The company’s Artificial Intelligence systems are controlled from Quebec, Canada while the Miro tokens are given from Tallin, Estonia.


Mirocana.com Benefits

Job Opportunities

There are job openings waiting for the qualified ones. There are openings for data scientists and Project Managers. These positions are being advertised to improve the company’s work force that can make their project realizable.


The Miro Future

Besides the Bitcoin, almost every cryptocurrency is doing well. At least, many of them have doubled their value. With the kind of service coming from Mirocana.com, people are most likely going to hear much about the Miro and become interested in acquiring it. At the moment, the Miro exchanges for 0.001 ETH. The sale started on November 19, 2017 and will last till December 19, 2017. After the sale, Mirocana hopes to increase the value of the currency to at least 2,000 ETH within one year.


They are Legitimate

Mirocana Company is incorporated as a private limited company in Quebec, Canada. The company’s license number is 9367-1840 while their registered office is at 587 CH Pioneers La Minerve, Quebec, Canada, JOTISO. Another one is at 1920 ST. Regis Blvd, H9P1HS, Monreal, Quebec, Canada.


Highly Dependable

Mirocana adopts a multi layer strategy that ensures a high level of success. First, they collect data sources from news, articles, predictive tools and the activities of many other professional traders. Next, they test their different strategies with the data they have collected and then simulate to know which one gives the best result. The best performing simulation is considered and used for investing to make profits for their clients. These steps are taken in the cryptocurrency market, the currency market and the stock market.


Earn 5% to 100% in a year

Mirocana.com has no fixed rates of returns. However, investors are going to choose for themselves what they want to earn based on the risks they can afford to bear. The higher the profit you want, the higher the risk of your investment.

To participate, you would have to buy at least 10,000 and 5,000 Miros for predictions in the currency and cryptocurrency markets respectively. Remember that one Miro only costs 0.001 ETH. For currency investors, you need to have an account with OANDA, while cryptocurrency lovers should have Poloniex or Bittrex as their brokers. There is a total of 200,000,000 Miros to buy.



The major support tool at Mirocana.com is Telegram. You can also send an email to support (at) mirocana.com.



Mirocana.com is a better way to save yourself from the trauma of losing your hard earned money. Even though the program is free of charge now (after purchasing some Miros), the company is going to change this status after the presale ends. By then, interested participants would have to pay at least 25% of the profits Mirocana will help them realize. We hope you can take advantage of this today to increase your profits.





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