Mother Pig Gains Inspiration To Live After Giving Birth

If you think the farm is a boring place to be, you may have a rethink after watching this video. You can no longer remember the pains of your labor on the farm after watching your animals survive the challenges of the gestation period and delivering successfully. This does not mean that animal farming is simply a bed of roses; there are times when you may feel like quitting. There is time for everything on the farm; time to labor and time to reap in joy. This was the same feeling shared by city dwellers when watching Old Yeller. This video will make you shout, not for help, but with joy. It has an expected end so relax and enjoy it.

Source: Diply

This is just one of the numerous exciting stories that are frequently featured on Oprah Winfrey Network. The pig in this story had little food for herself during her pregnancy so she was malnourished. Despite the condition, she delivered an amazing number of 17 piglets after she was rescued. Her intense labor almost gave her up to the cold hands of death but she was inspired to live when she saw the need to feed her new babies.

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