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Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision.  is a UK company that mines bitcoins. They also take advantage of the volatile nature of bitcoin prices to know when to sell or buy and make more profits. With more money in their hands, Netbtc limited can get more profits in a shorter time. It is for this reason that the company is extending its hands to investors who are interested in increasing the value of their bitcoins. Payment Status: SCAM Review
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STATUS: SCAM! Do Not Invest! is now a SCAM.

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You can rely on the excellent managerial team and group of IT professionals for the safety of your funds. Even though they are registered in the UK, individuals from other continents of the world are free to join and will share the same rights and privileges.

Overview of

There is nothing difficult to understand on the website. The website is free of ads and the investment platform is easy to use. Depositing funds for an investment plan can be done in minutes and by anyone regardless of the fact that the person may not have done it before.

The home page has a profit calculator to help people find out what they can earn after an investment period. The home page also shows the investment plans they offer and the interest rates for each of them. is designed to suit both laptop owners and those who can only afford a phone. Who knows, by investing in Netbtc Limited today, you can slowly accumulate funds with which you can use to buy a new laptop.


Benefits of Joining


Profitable Venture

Joining hands with Netbtc Limited gives one an edge over others who partake in less profitable tasks. With more and more people having bitcoin accounts nowadays, accumulating profits for bitcoin miners is easy. As a member of Netbtc Limited, you are also considered a bitcoin trader even though you may not know anything about the trade.


Low Investment

You don’t need to have so much to start. You can start with as little as 0.001 BTC (less than $1) or spend up to 100 BTC if you have much to invest. You can start with the minimum requirements and gradually increase your investments as your profits increase.


Earn up to 4.8% Daily

Netbtc Limited has what it takes to reward all its investors with a daily profit of 4.8%. However, this is for those who can spend a minimum of 25.001 BTC in its investment program. In case you don’t have as much as this, you can start with the Lite plan which pays 2.4% daily (or 0.1% hourly) for a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. The next higher plan is called the Prime plan and it pays 3.6% daily (or 0.15% hourly).


Hourly Payments

Instead of waiting a whole day to see your benefits, you can withdraw your profits every hour. This should reduce your risk in investing in such programs and also increase your chances of having funds for urgent needs.


Instant Withdrawals

Your money is credited to you as soon as you ask for a withdrawal. Withdrawals are automatic and do not take more than a few minutes in most cases.


Constant Customer Care

The customer care section is up and doing. You can reach them anytime, including the weekends. You can send them an email or create a support ticket on the “contact us” page.


Affiliate Rewards

Netbtc Limited values its promoters so the company is willing to pay up to 5% as a tip for encouraging others to register. This should not be a problem to you if you have a blog or several friends on your Facebook account. Privacy

Netbtc Limited respects the privacy of their investors. On several occasions, they have turned down the requests of those seeking email lists to promote their brands. Netbtc Limited will also avoid sending unnecessary emails to those who have already registered as investors.


Withdraw Deposits

Your deposits can be withdrawn anytime you feel like quitting. Even if you invested up a $1000, getting it back wouldn’t be any problem for the management.



Even if you wouldn’t want to partake in investments any longer, is one that you should probably try. At least, their hourly payment is a proof that they mean more harm than good. You can start with 0.001 BTC right now and expect some returns the next hour. If you think this is small, it’s up to you to increase your initial deposit. Just make sure you are investing what you can lose without being affected financially or emotionally.


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guys pls what’s up with

Mourad Boustani

yea is it down for you too?

Chris Chiboi

I can’t access it site. Does it mean it’s a scam,someone plz any update?

Mourad Boustani

guess we got scammed lol

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Fuck scammer and partner of them !


Viral-alert is a partner of scammers, he trusts scam sites and warn trust sites totally !


Netbtc turn to pending , going to scam ?




Thanks bro for the info