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STATUS: SCAM profits range from 1.3% per day to 1.9% per day depending on how much you can spare and the duration you want your money to stay. The minimum amount you can invest is $10 while the maximum is $2500.

Added to Database: April 24, 2018
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What does HYIP Monitors say about is an investment component of One Chain LTD. That means that before, One Chain Ltd was already in existence. was launched some days ago but the company has been there since April 3, 2018, when it was registered by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. Their registration was made authentic by the issuance of the license number, 11287973. specializes in cryptocurrency mining. That is the business it does to guarantee daily profits to all its members. Currently, partners have gained over $4,600 and this amount is expected to double in a few days owing to the fact that increase in capital also increases profit potential. Overview has more than 1500 users. People keep joining every day and on the site, you can see how many people just joined today. The BTC/USD price and the ETH/USD price are constantly updated on The figure also comes with the percentage performance of the currency pairs.

There are three language versions of They are Chinese (in its simplified form), English, and Russian. The three work perfectly and show up with just a click on their respective flags. also lists the top performers/investors on the home page with the amount they have invested so far. This is to let you know how much trust people already have in them. As soon as deposits are made, the company also endeavors to list them on the website. You can try depositing just a small amount to see if your name will appear on the website as one of the donors. It is automatic and it works. Benefits

Investment Profit profits range from 1.3% per day to 1.9% per day depending on how much you can spare and the duration you want your money to stay. The minimum amount you can invest is $10 while the maximum is $2500. For example

  • Investing $10 for 15 days yields 1.3% per day
  • Investing $10 for 20 days yields 1.35% per day
  • Investing $10 for 25 days yields 1.4% per day
  • Investing $10 for 30 days yields 1.45% per day

The same is applicable when you invest higher amounts. The more you deposit, the more you earn and the longer the period, the higher the profit.


Affiliate Bonus

There are five affiliate levels on All of them accumulate to 12% per individual which is divided as follows: 5%-3%-2%-1%-1%, representing level 1 to level 5 respectively. As a matter of fact, your referral bonus increases as your level of commitment increases. At a point, you can earn up to 10% referral bonus (instead of the normal 5%) if you are a VIP investor with $250,000 investment. You are also going to be given a one-time bonus for your hard work in addition to the increased affiliate bonus. For instance, you will be given $5,500 (free money) as soon as you qualify to be a VIP investor.


24/7 Support

At the moment, you can contact support via Facebook, Google Plus, Telegram, and VK.


Multiple Payment Systems operates with Payeer, Advcash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The first three are for those who don’t want anything to do with cryptocurrencies except earning from their activities. Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet owners will be privileged to have their wallets directly funded from without having any need to buy from other sources.


Low Threshold Balance

Only $1 is needed to be able to cash out. will pay you promptly as soon as you send a request and your account balance is not less than $1 in any of the accepted payment systems. Conclusion is a UK company that is rewarding both investors and affiliates in several ways. Affiliates earn in five levels while investors can from more than 25 different plans. Bonuses are given to investors and affiliates who reach certain milestones. It will only take consistency to be there. You just have to start from somewhere. Viral Alert hopes that you do this with your spare funds. We wish you the best.





Disclaimer: Please notice! This is not a trading advice. Do your own research besides this website and find out if trading is legal in your jurisdiction. We try to look at every investment company every day, but we are not responsible for your investment and we are not a financial advisor.

The published article on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.

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