Pampanga Rep. Arroyo fully support Pres. Duterte in the declaration of state of lawlessness

The Lower House led by former president and now deputy house speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo expressed her full support for President Duterte for the decision to declare a State of Lawlessness in the country after the bloody bombings in Davao City that claimed the lives of fourteen people.

In a statement they said that they trust the president and the military in handling the situation properly. The decision of the president to declare state of lawlessness is just right. Arroyo did the same thing when she sat in the palace to prevent any security threats.

Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo: “The threat is national so it is just right to trust the president. When I used to have those problems in Mindanao, I would asked Mayor Duterte to handle it for me.”

“The purpose of declaring the national state of lawlessness violence is to prevent acts of terrorism being spread out the whole country.”

Before elected as president, Duterte served as the peace and order adviser of Arroyo, particularly in the issue of kidnapping and drugs. In fact, Duterte has so much contributions to former President Arroyo during her tenure when there was an outbreak in Mindanao. Arroyo said she is so confident in the capacity of the current president.

Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo: “President Duterte is a much stronger leader than I am  so if I could handle them he can handle them even better.”

But apparently the support of the “Kamara” in this declaration is not unanymous.

“I think it is not legally necessary to make a declaration of state lawless violence because even without that declaration the president has inherent powers as chief executive and commander in chief of the armed forces to call the military to subdue to suppress lawlessness.”

President Duterte is getting no additional power now that the country is under a state of lawlessness. Under this, the police can only asked help to the military to strengthen the internal security. So it should not also look like a precursor to the declaration of martial law.

Meanwhile Speaker Alvarez filed a house resolution to condemn the bombing in Davao City. It is also stated their sympathy to the families of those who killed.

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