President Duterte, no intention of cutting the PH-US military alliance

President Rodrigo Duterte reiterates he is not cutting ties with the PH-US military alliance.

Despite his repeated comments that the Philippine Soldiers are not benefitting from the war games with the US troops up to the point of hinting the termination of military exercises under his term, president Rodrigo Duterte clarifies that he has no intention of cutting PH-US military alliance.

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President Rodrigo Duterte says “I do not mean to cancel or abrogate the military alliances. Perhaps I might ask you, do you really think we need it? If there is war, do you really think we need America? And do we need China and Russia for that matter? Or do we need somebody? Although we need somebody. If we are targeted with ICMS, the Poseidon, there will be no American aid to talk of, there will be no more be a country strong enough to rule.”

He added that it is not an option for a president to engage into war with other countries. Thus, president Duterte defended his plan to establish an alliance with other world powers such as China and Russia.

President Rodrigo Duterte says “So let us go for alliances that would contribute to health, to the education if we have time still, if there’s a worked out there waiting for our children. Otherwise we have to protect them.”

Aside from this, the president expressed his appreciation for the aid that these countries extend, especially Japan.

President Rodrigo Duterte says “I will go to Brunei then in China, then part of that is Japan. Contrary to the belief of other Filipinos, it is not the united nations. That’s only a small portion, even the military. The major portion of the assistance has come from Japan. So I will go to Japan, then probably Russia. We’ll talk, I and Medvedev. He told me, “you go to Russia and we’ll talk about it. You will have everything you need here, perhaps even money.”