Request to Withdraw Matobato’s warrant arrest, court denied

Judge Silverio Mandalupe of the Muntinlupa Municipal Trial Court Branch 3 in Davao City stands firm against Matobato’s request asking the court to withdraw the warrant against him which is due to his failure to appear in court last week for charges of illegal possession of firearms.

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Judge Silverio Mandalupe stood firm on his first decision to arrest Matobato after failing to present himself five times in the scheduled arraignments of his case. Aside from this, the bail bond has been raised from P2,000 to P60,000 based on the fiscal’s recommendation.

Vincent Mari Rendon, Legal Researcher 1, says “Based on the DOJ circular 89 dated August 22, 2000 illegal possession of firearms has a maximum penalty of 6 years. Under the circular, the recommended bail is 10,000 pesos per year. So if you will multiply 10,000 to 6 years, it would be 60,000 pesos. So that is why the order was ammended.”

However attorney Sabio stresses that they move to raise the amount of bond was to harass his client Matobato. At present, Matobato’s camp plans on filing a motion to lower the amount of bail bond.