Sad Raccoon Makes Desperate Efforts to Wake Up a Dead Friend

There is a popular saying that suggests that people who have loved and lost are still better than those who have never loved before. Even though this may be true, the pain of loss can be so real and bad that nobody may want to experience it even if there is a good thing to enjoy in love. It is a popular notion that only humans have the ability to truly mourn the loss of a loved one and less regard is given to animals in situations like this. Fortunately, an incident which happened some years ago may necessitate a change in the minds of all who think that animals do not feel bad at the demise of their loved ones.

Source: Diply

This movie has sparked some disagreement since its release. While some people believe that the animal might have wanted to eat the other one, some others believe that raccoons won’t behave in such a manner because of their intelligence and social nature. In fact, any person who has walked down the street of Toronto where these animals can be found will agree that they have sufficient garbage to feed on thereby minimizing the chances of eating themselves. Do you have a different opinion? Watch the video and give it a review.

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