Sara Duterte, It will take a hundred bomb incidents to put us down

The Davaoeño stand firm after the tragic bombings in Davao City. Indeed those few masseuse working on Roxas Street, where the attack was happened, back to work.

Armando Morales is one of the masseur to the place where the tragedy occured. He just got surprised when he heard an explosion in the group where people are giving massage.

Armando Morales: “It really right in my direction, then that’s when the explosion happened.”

Despite this they return to work in Roxas Street two days after the explosion.

Armando Morales: “We do not stop because we have no choice to find a job. We just praying to the Lord because we live here.”

The number of people have increased even after dark. There’s some who lit candles, offered flowers and prayed for the victims. Some can’t control to tears even without acquaintance with the victims of the explosion. Other also angered due to some violence.

Sara Duterte: “It will take a 100 bomb incidents in Davao City to take us down.

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