Sen. De Lima will suspend the senate probe on extra judicial killings tentatively

Senator Leila De Lima on thursday has agreed to temporarily suspend the 3rd senate hearing on the spate of extrajudicial killings until after President Rodrigo Duterte’s meeting with world leaders in the asean summit.

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano sought for a break on the escalating verbal exchanges on the war on drugs while President Rodrigo Duterte is on his asian trip. The President is set to undertake his first overseas trip a three-nation swing  through Laos Brunei and Indonesia from September 4 to September 9. Cayetano believes that President Duterte has received growing condemnation from the international community and made a piling body count. However Senator Cayetano’s request did not fall on deaf ears instead on Thursday Senator Leila De Lima Chairman of Senate Committee Justice and Human Rights said that she is willing to postpone the third set of inquiry on the spate of extra judicial killings.

De Lima: “I’m not thinking up all about anything. I’m not thinking of all about the president’s trip. I don’t even know kung kelan talaga yung schedule ng trip na yan so kaya nga it was tentatively set for September 5.”

Senator De Lima denied on the other hand strongly denied the accusation made by Senator Cayetano that the president is receiving condemnation from the international community because of the senate probe on extrajudicial killings instead it is because of extrajudicial killings that violates human rights.

In the end Senator De Lima insisted that the senate inquiry of her committee is not to condemn anyone especially the president but to resolve the growing number of the extra judicial killings in the country

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