Review - Paying or SCAM?

Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: PAYING Review
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Summary has an investment plan of 188% after 5 days, 2.5%-4.5% daily for 40-45 days. The minimum investment is $25 USD and the referral commission is 6%.

Started: April 05, 2017
Added to Database: May 01, 2017

User Rating 2.22 (9 votes) Status on HYIP Monitors is based in the UK where it claims to use efficient trading tools in the  Forex market to make a lot of profits for the company and every investor that has registered on the site. The site was launched in April 2017, but we are not sure if it has been paying since its launch date. Scam?

We honestly do not know anything about a scam. If you have gotten some information about this, please kindly let us know by posting in the box below. Information about scam will also help others to avoid the site and prevent a scam experience. Plans  plans are simple to understand and calculate. It says you can earn a total of 188% after 5 days or 2.5%-4.5% daily for 40-45 days. Referrals may earn 6% of the amount that their invitees deposit. Please verify these data before investing in the site if you are interested in it.


Conclusion is still new online so it is possible that their workers are not really experienced. However, the site can prove that it is up to the task by showing proof of payments sent in the last 24 hours. Viral Alert hates HYIP scam and wishes you the best in your search for genuine investments.




Are there other investment site aside from HYIP?

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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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  • Helmuth Linder

    Helmuth Linder ·
    is a big scam, they dont pay, after requesting withdrawal, they just return the
    earned money to your available account, so they dont have to pay. Maybe they pay some investors and some they dont pay, dont know , to risky

  • cryptofly

    Starting date: June 30th.

    7% daily profit forever.
    Minimum withdraws (0.0005)


  • paul is a big scam i invest in the progeram but the admin is not paying for big amount they will ripoff.BEWARE they’ll steal your hard earned money .

    Available Balance: $1462.50 not paying ,pending

    Account Information and Statistics

    Make Deposit Withdraw

    • User:


    • Personal Affiliate Link:

    • Account Balance:


    of Bitcoin

    • Earned Total:


    • Pending Withdrawal:

    $0.00 do not invest scam scam ,voleurs voleurs

  • TrumpayMoney

    Pulsecoin (0.05 GH/s free with sign-up, Multicurrency Mining)

  • cryptofly

    Success. Bitpalas IS paying!

  • Bintun


  • okoh emmanuel

    goodpay biz is scam

  • criptoinversiones

    scam do not invest in this program

    • batnasan battulga

      how can u know scam?

      • criptoinversiones

        because i invest on it, made a withdraw for 3,000 since last saturday, an nothing happens. Thats why!!!!! Unless they pay may money i will edit this comment

      • cryptofly

        Yes, the only way to know it is a SCAM site is only if you are part of the program and your withdraw is PENDING/SAVE mode…. The site maybe is advertised everywhere but it is only to catch flies….. is right now the best example…. do not invest… Scam.. my withdrawals are in “pending”…..

    • Bintun
  • Kemal Esen

    Not paying Please dont invest, this is big SCAM

  • TrumpayMoney

    Mining Hourly (120% – 200% after 1 hour)

  • zavalistica

    Great start, is Paying. The sooner the better!

    June 19th. paid
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    June 12th ….starting date

    10% daily forever profit

  • TrumpayMoney

    Vertexcoin (2.0% Daily for 15 Days, 2.5% Daily for 30 Days, 3.0% DAily for 60 Days)

  • Bintun

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  • Bintun

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  • cryptofly

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  • TrumpayMoney

    Stable Program for more than 30 days now: Goproject BIZ (19%Daily for 25 Days, 180% after 3 Days, 260% after 5 Days)

  • zavalistica

    Earnings is about discipline. Be an early bird.

    June 7th. Paying!.

  • cryptofly

    June 6th. paid
    15 days paying.
    Starting date: May 22nd.

    7% daily forever. Min. 0.001 btc withdraw: 0.0005
    There is no reason not to be present in the program.

  • cryptofly

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  • zavalistica

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  • zavalistica

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  • zavalistica

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