Looking for Chill and Fame: The Adventurers of the Antarctica

Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the Earth and characterized by the presence of ice and extreme cold conditions. Despite its extreme weather conditions, some UK adventurers have made history to be the first Brits to free-dive in the area.Will Glendinning embarked on the journey at the age of 40 with his

Jennifer Hiles - AVM Patient said Better Healthy than Pretty

Jennifer Hiles, mother of two, was born with Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal connection of arteries and veins, crossing the capillary system. She had almost lost her life several times before she took the bold step to implant balloons under her skin.The balloons are tissue expanders that will allow more skin to

Animal Rescue Team Saves the Life of Starving Orangutans

Starving mother and baby orangutan have been saved from malnutrition and death by the International Animal Rescue team in Malaysia. They were both found in the burnt forests of Borneo and have now been released back to their wild home.The villagers in Semanai, Simpang Tiga contacted the rescue team when they noticed

Emily Breeze Watson - A Pregnant Woman Practices Weight-Lifting

Emily Breeze Watson, a pregnant woman from North Carolina America is currently deadlifting 205lb weights with her pregnancy even though she is approaching her delivery date. Emily has shunned several criticisms from mothers around the world who claim she may be harming her unborn child.Emily is a fitness instructor and she confesses not have

The Rabbit on Wheels Finds Her True Love

Charles, the American Sable rabbit is spending the third year with Elise Oliphant and her fiancé since she was rescued from a hose under a bush in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.The rabbit must really love her saviors but not as much as she loves her “boyfriend” known as Mr Magoo.

Isaac Hughes - The boy who cannot smile

Isaac Hughes, a nine-year old boy from Mold, Wales would love to smile like the other children is hangs around with. Unfortunately, he finds this difficult no matter how hard he tries because he was born with Moebius Syndrome.Moebius Syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects the cranial nerves and causes facial

Jose Luis Torices - A man who paints without arms

Jose Luis Torices, a 47-year old Mexican has turned his ugly story into a good one and an opportunity tohelp others with similar experiences. It all began at the age of 18 when he lost his arms.Jose Luis had his two hands burnt after an electrocution from high voltage cables.