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Terraminer.online, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Terraminer.online Review
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TerraMiner builds next generation farms — modular, mobile, flexible, with low maintenance requirements. Investments in mining may possibly be the most profitable option for long-term gain – and TerraMiner makes it easy and accessible to anyone in the world, no matter their wealth or cryptocurrency expertise.

Added to Database: February 21, 2018

Terraminer.online is an international mining company seeking to establish something new in the world of cryptocurrency mining. They are trying to secure some miner farms that are built on A4+ by INNOSILICON Technology because of their high efficiency and capability. It’s been told that mining farms using this technology also attract fewer expenses on maintenance and electricity.

TerraMiner says it will be in collaboration with NiceHash. TerraMiner farms will be mining on the SCRYPT algorithm provided by NiceHash.

Since Terraminer.online will be using one of the most efficient mining farms, investors are expected to break even and make profits very quickly.

Terraminer.online is a certified company. Many of its legal documents can be found on the homepage. They are located at “Han Asparuh” 3, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas, Bulgaria.


Terraminer.online Overview

What is being sold?

Terraminer.online is selling tokens to help them purchase the mobile farms which will be launched in April 2018. Each token is called the TRM2 token and it is backed by real hashing power. The token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 compliant token and it gives the owner the right to own 1 Mh/s mining power. You can buy the TRM2 tokens with either ETH or BTC. Currently, over $1.2 million has been realized from the ICO.


ICO Stages

Terraminer.online token sale is scheduled for 91 days, in three stages. The first stage, which was known as the pre-ICO, started on December 27 and ended on January 31, 2018. The ICO started immediately after, on February 1 and it will end on February 28, 2018. The post-ICO phase will start on March 1, 2018, and will continue until March 31, 2018.

Each phase presents a different price for each TRM2 token. During the Pre ICO period, Terraminer.online sold its tokens at the rate of $4.5 per TRM2. Currently, the price for one token is $5.5. Individuals who won’t take advantage of its low cost now may have no other option than to buy at the rate of $6.5 beginning from March 1.



Immediately after the end of the post-ICO, the project will kick off with whatever was generated during the sales. All the tokens available will be purchased by only investors so there will be none reserved for owners. This will give the investor more opportunity to earn from the mining activities of TerraMiner.


Terraminer.online Benefits

Minimal transaction fees

Most mining farms don’t make so much money at the end of the day because they spend so much on maintaining the farm and equipment they use. Things are expected to be quite different for Terraminer.online because the A4+ technology has an excellent energy efficiency character. The farms’ cheap electricity usage is also expected to reduce mining costs.



The portability of the equipment also makes the company more likely to function for a long time. The mining farms will be housed in cargo containers thereby allowing the operators to easily carry them about. In case the government of Bulgaria or China (for instance) decides to close mining activities in the country, Terraminer.online will still exist since the portable mining farms can be easily transported to another country.


High-Profit Potential

Remember that all the tokens released for sale will be bought only by investors. Investors will, therefore, own a good share of the company’s profits. Actually, Terraminer.online has planned to share the profits they make equally with investors. Any profit generated from one token (1 Mh/s) will be shared 50-50 between the owner of the block and the owners of Terraminer.online.

Terraminer.online has also planned to reinvest 10% of their profits into the system to increase high demand for the token after the post-ICO phase. Apart from raising the value of TRM2, this will also give investors the opportunity to sell some their tokens at prices higher than the cost price.

Besides selling off for profits, the size of Mh/s for each token is also expected to increase when TRM2 becomes more popular. In October (after the ICO), each token will be worth 1.21 Mh/s. It will increase to 1.33 Mh/s in January 2019 and then to 1.46 Mh/s in April 2019. The Mh/s for each token is actually expected to increase every three months to give every token owner an opportunity to grow with the company.



Terraminer.online has extra bonuses for those who are ready to buy their tokens within the next 24 hours. For buying one token now, you will get a bonus of 9%. Purchases over 30 ETH will attract a bonus of 35%.


Profit for Life

Profit sharing, which will begin in April 2018, is not expected to terminate at any point. As long as you have a token with Terraminer.online, your 50% share of the profits the company realizes will be sent to your account.


The Terraminer.online Support

Terraminer.online cares a lot for their investors. That is why they first considered creating multiple language versions of the website. The site can be read in English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. The language menu is located at the top left-hand side of the website.

Apart from that, Terraminer.online can be reached via online telegram chat, email address {feedback (at) terraminer.online} and telephone {+7 965 297-96-94}. The branches in China, Bulgaria, and Russia also have their different offices/contact addresses.


Terraminer.online Conclusion

Terraminer.online is the next breath-taking mining opportunity we are about to see. The process they are taking makes the April wait worthwhile. The profit-for-life plan, a meager investment plan of $100 and the chance to earn up to half of what TerraMiners will earn from a single block are some of the positive aspects of this company you cannot afford to miss.





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